Is the Chris Brown Accuser Simply Lying? Evidence Mounts!

Questions have really come up around the woman that is accusing Chris Brown of pointing a gun at her. Now, it seems like her own criminal past is the subject of discussion. People are calling her a flat out liar for her inconsistent story and that extends to the people that were there.

Bailey Curran is a wanted woman in New York and would be arrested on sight for grand larceny if she went back. Police sources with journalist Lisa Evers say Curran is wanted for a 2013 purse snatching at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Curran – a dethroned beauty queen – allegedly stole a friend’s Louis Vuitton bag and the cash and credit cards inside.

Now that she is infamous, Curran will probably have to answer to those charges. However, Chris Brown is not off the hook. There is the gun thing. If he did – as a felon – possess a gun, he could have a hell of a PROBLEM. He is presently charged with a felony in this case.

AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur was on Fox 5 with Lisa Evers to talk about the case and the murkiness surrounding it, but there is much more coming out.

And then, a person named Savannah Faith Wilson that knows this chick and Breezy WENT IN on Facebook:


Also, look at this:

Then this:

There is a slight distinction in her story. In one she says she didn’t touch the jewelry and the other she seems to say she did. This chick seems to be telling duck tales.

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46 Responses to “Is the Chris Brown Accuser Simply Lying? Evidence Mounts!”

  1. Papi Peligro

    LOL @ ninjas getting interviewed. Wasn’t there, don’t know Chris Brown, Don’t know the female. So I might as well read this comment section instead of watching that interview.

  2. Hakeem

    One white girls phone call got the SWAT and helicopters out there.
    But this dude need to tighten up or its doing to be another situation that his money cant get him out of

  3. karen.whitehurst

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  4. The Legendary Troll

    its clear she just trynna get her 15 minutes. what she doesnt realize is nobody respects someone who has to tear someone else down to build themselves up. Thats wack and will be her self destruction.

  5. RichFromBX

    if you keep making yourself a target for these people, they’re going to keep coming around.

    get your life right and this nonsense stops. you ain’t a gangster, never been a gangster…you’re a pretty singing and dancing dude, it’s made you a millionaire, just embrace it and lead a quite life.

    • Mrs. Davis804

      I refuse to believe that when they make a “CB” to identify as a degenerate every generation. But bieber is just going through a phase. I hope he hulk hogan them all.

      • RichFromBX

        yes, Bieber is a giant douche bag, but, to our knowledge, has never bloodied a woman’s face the way CB has, trying hard to be a blood, nor has he been the focus of a club fight that resulted in an NBA player (star) almost losing an eye…so while I see you’re trying to go the racial route, just make sure compare apples to apples.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        Oh, so this incident warrants you to bring up something that even the victim no longer talks about? If that’s the case, then his first name really should be Bobby. You don’t get to pick and choose who is worthy of consequences or empathy. Lochte, a recent example, was supposed to be repping the US, lied, but watch his swift resurrection not be marred by bringing up what he did in his past. Take that shyt to TMZ’s comments.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        Lmao. You can kick rocks, and go hang with people who think like you then. I’d hate to sit around idiots who can trump me. Pathetic. Or you on the payroll? Lmao.

      • DJ7

        That clown has been bodied on here numerous times yet won’t go away…ala Jason Vorhees…he obvious has an issue with race yet acts as if he’s not the one with the angle….

      • Mrs. Davis804

        LOL. I don’t understand why they believe its their duty to lurk, correct, and one up black folks on sites that are geared towards our culture. I also don’t understand why they don’t see that it is not about to change to accommodate them. The sites, or the music. Imbeciles.

      • Q.

        Yes, Officer Bich from the BXPD is on payroll. He’s a UC agent, Hip-Hop Task Force Division. He resorts to name-calling when defeated by logic.

      • Mrs. Davis804

        That’s exactly what it felt like. But you see how they call in a distraction, and start a whole different, yet weightless, conversation just to avoid defeat.

      • Two_guns_Billy

        We can take Chris out and put Cam Newton in that same spot and the story would be the same…I remember women were writing letters complaining about a touchdown dance..Check out the negative press Tyga got for dating a 17 year old Kylie but Justin didn’t get nothing for dating Lionel Richie 17 year old daughter.Apples to Apples

      • RichFromBX

        how do you figure, the same rag that when in on Tyga, went in on Bieber…

      • Two_guns_Billy

        You saw the same negative stuff Tyga got?Dude ppl actually called child services on Tyga…Go to the most popular social media site and read the comments about Tyga and read the comments about Justin..

      • RichFromBX

        it was a teacher who called because because California state law requires them to. School was in session and Kylie was a student, the teacher is bound by law to make that call, if they don’t, they could lose their license…don’t pretend it was just some random person so let’s hear now that if Tyga was white the teachers would’ve bought them “Best Wishes” cards….

        Y’all really need to know what you’re talking about when you come in to a conversation…

      • Two_guns_Billy

        Dude you just one stupid f”ck that I refuse to reply to again.Why the teachers couldn’t call the police for Sophia Richie?I guess you one of the ppl didn’t believe that the police beat n^ggas before Rodney King?Black ppl are just paranoid and make up all the racism that we talk about?You really believe that the teacher make that call for every underage girl with an older guy?don’t reply because I refuse to read it..

      • STEPH

        your mentioning s— that isn’t irrelevant. This is simply about a pink chick lying on a ni–a and he ended up getting arrested because of false accusations get out your feelings for the man.

  6. Bloody Freddy from Elm St.

    Doesn’t matter if your a celeb or not but this is the reason you don’t bring random chicks to the crib

  7. Mrs. Davis804

    I like how these sites try to play like this isn’t their fault. He needs to proceed with suing her, the gossip sites, and any news outlet that sent a chopper. All gossip sites like them need to stop running with BS just because they praying for CB’s or other free thinking individual’s, celebrity or not, downfalls. The court of public opinion, hanging BP out of spite since 1865. These sites employ gaggles of cackling, bitter, salty punks acting on orders of defamation, but why? This isn’t entertaining.

  8. big brain

    A lot of these girls are thieves, using their looks to distract you. But they still charged him so they must have more than her word

  9. Q.

    LOL I called this yesterday. The white damsel in distress from the violent Negro routine isn’t working like it used to–it’s a new day. This trick got exposed and neutralized within a 24 hr news cycle. She forgot to cover her own dirt before trying to play the victim.

    • Mec-One

      The media sure ran with the story fast af tho …… now everybody back tracking. Even tmz looking type silly right now for not doing their homework on becky beforehand

  10. gladyshjdepeters

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  11. Spijo

    The media is life’s biggest enemy. How many lives have been lost because of the media? How many divorces are fueled by the media? I have been taking a closer look at this phenomenon and i can assure you, it destroys this world continuously. Same thing applies here with Breezy’s case, the media is the middle man continuously dousing fuel in fire. They rejoice with someone’s sorrows.

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