Is the Chris Brown Accuser Simply Lying? Evidence Mounts!


Questions have really come up around the woman that is accusing Chris Brown of pointing a gun at her. Now, it seems like her own criminal past is the subject of discussion. People are calling her a flat out liar for her inconsistent story and that extends to the people that were there.

Bailey Curran is a wanted woman in New York and would be arrested on sight for grand larceny if she went back. Police sources with journalist Lisa Evers say Curran is wanted for a 2013 purse snatching at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Curran – a dethroned beauty queen – allegedly stole a friend’s Louis Vuitton bag and the cash and credit cards inside.

Now that she is infamous, Curran will probably have to answer to those charges. However, Chris Brown is not off the hook. There is the gun thing. If he did – as a felon – possess a gun, he could have a hell of a PROBLEM. He is presently charged with a felony in this case.

AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur was on Fox 5 with Lisa Evers to talk about the case and the murkiness surrounding it, but there is much more coming out.

And then, a person named Savannah Faith Wilson that knows this chick and Breezy WENT IN on Facebook:


Also, look at this:

Then this:

There is a slight distinction in her story. In one she says she didn’t touch the jewelry and the other she seems to say she did. This chick seems to be telling duck tales.