BREAKING NEWS: Jimmy Henchman Murder-For-Hire Conviction Overturned

(AllHipHop News) Former music mogul Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond scored a major victory in court today (November 1), when a court overturned his murder-for-hire conviction.

In December of 2015, Rosemond was found guilty of hiring two men to kill Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher in September of 2009, in retaliation for his then 14-year-old son being attacked by G-Unit’s Tony Yayo.

Rosemond contended that former Assistant U.S. Attorney Todd Kaminsky’s case was biased because prosecution witnesses Henry Butler received substantial benefits for his testimony during the trial.

Rosemond also maintained that the accusation that he setup Tupac Shakur to be shot five times at The Quad in 1994 unfairly influenced the jury. 

In November of 2015, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan agreed, and ruled a judge made errors that affected the fairness of the trial, specifically, limiting the defense’s questioning of a key witness.

“Today truth has come to defend me in my fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Truth has knocked out falsehood. My God is truth,” Jimmy Henchman told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive statement. “I want to thank my attorneys Jonathan Edelstein, Michael Rayfield and Bruce Maffeo for being soldiers of the inevitable.

“I want to thank my family who has suffered irreparable consequences; Michael K. Williams, Leeann Hellijas and Derrick Hamilton for never taking no as an answer; Don Sikorski and the “Unjust Justice” series for exposing inequality and injustice surrounding my cases.

Rosemond took a swipe at ex-prosecutor Todd Kaminsky, who put the case together against the music executive, built mostly on testimony by informants.

“I want to say to ex-prosecutor Todd Kaminsky and his enlisted informants Khalil Abdullah, Henry Butler, Leah Daniels, Amoy Pitters, Muhammad Stewart, Tony Martin and John Dash, I will let God judge you for what you’ve done to me, but now it’s time to fix what you’ve done.”

Before the feud with G-Unit turned deadly, Rosemond’s Czar Entertainment managed The Game, Sean Kingston, Brandy, Gucci Mane, Salt-n-Pepa, Mike Tyson, Akon and others.

Jimmy offered up a little message to some of his former friends.

“Lastly to my so called friends and the music business that have abandoned me, the devil is a liar and now you’ve seen the devil and its details,” Jimmy Henchman told AllHipHop.com.

Rosemond’s current attorney Michael Rayfield said he was delighted with the outcome. Even though Rosemond is still serving seven life sentences as a “drug kingpin,” for allegedly heading up a $10 million-a-year cocaine operation (another charge he denies).

Now, the decision to overturn the murder conviction could set the stage for his other case to be dismissed, since most of the same witnesses provided the same testimony.

“We’re delighted by this outcome; it’s a major step in Mr. Rosemond’s path to justice,” Michael Rayfield told AllHipHop.com. “James has consistently maintained his innocence, and we’ll continue to work hard to make sure that he’s ultimately vindicated.”

Rosemond will get a new trial if prosecutors decide to try him again.

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33 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Jimmy Henchman Murder-For-Hire Conviction Overturned”

  1. Fight comp victim

    Lol 50 going to have to do something if he get out(which I doubt jimmy will get out). all that talking and laughing he was doing when he heard he got life 50 might be on mute for while.

    I remember 50 did the same thing when preme got life he always publicly stated he didn’t like him but he got real vocal and disrespectful when he heard he got life.

    • Nyga07

      LOL AND MEEK with that comment about a week ago lmfaooo, nah tho fugg Jimmy hench .. i don’t know about really having to do 7 life sentences that is just bogus. and again snitching does have its perks! dude extorted most of the music industry, and those who didn’t roll with got the same treatment he used on 50. dON’T WANT TO SEE HIM LOCKED AWAY FOR LIFE. But dudes like this is the poison we don’t need period, it is time we move forward

      • Nyga07

        ahhh the snitching comment was just a reply to a comment where i read someone say snitching has it’s perks, I highly doubt snitching was the result of this , just some messy ny conviction that happens everyday, he just has great lawyers,. He shouldn’t be doing 7 dam life tho. I don’t even know if he snitched that’s what 50 said, to most ppl opening ur mouth is snitching. Black ppl just need to stop the cool period and get on some else is my point, the tough, g, gangster, cool, sauce,… we need to just let another race have all that and change up that’s only concern I truly have. idc if these dudes go to war in the morning.. tho i would comment on it and wish for it not to happen. My main concern is my 7 yr old is growing up in this ish and that worries me. All the rest these comments just my opinions and half azz statements ya dig

  2. Hoeyuno....2

    First Max, now Jimmy!!!! I don’t think anyone deserves life off peoples testimonies in the first place but seeing the system overturning some of the bulls#@t is a good step in the right direction..


    Ahhh, last time I checked he still snitched on his people & they used that against him in court! That’s the ONLY reason all of this came out in the first place = Jimmy’s not fooling anyone!!

  4. Tiffany Rayne

    I don’t know the details behind Jimmy’s case or anything like that (we all heard the speculations about him for years), however, you don’t get a major conviction like that overturned in the court of law, especially for a black man, simply based on snitching or whatever idea you guys associate with that. The law does not work that way. Guilty or innocent, snitching or not, the law ain’t just gonna overturn no serious stuff like this based on snitching (especially for the black and brown community). So there had to be some other type of corroborating evidence for them to even think about overturning anything. Besides, it’s not like he’s just walking out of prison all of a sudden now. He still has a lot of raps to beat if he expects to be free at any point. And even then they can still hold him on all the other stuff. So he ain’t out of the woods with everything.

    • BXRich

      With a good lawyer and proof that the government offered too much in exchange beyond what would be considered “standard” – anyone can get off.

      His lawyers were able to prove just that. What Butler was given in exchange for his testimony didn’t have equal value and was deemed to give him more of an incentive to lie vs provide real information. Offering the opportunity for his wife (and mother of 5 children) to walk on her charges was more than likely seen as excessive in addition to already being given a greatly reduced sentence – what man wouldn’t lie to keep is wife and mother of 5 children out of jail?

      This isn’t the first conviction that will be overturned – you can expect to see just about every other charge he was convicted on based on Butler’s testimony to be overturned (unless they can prove that Butler’s testimony wasn’t as key to the conviction as it was for the murder for hire charge).

      This doesn’t mean Henchman is innocent and didn’t do it – there’s just lack of evidence to prove it in court which then gives you another black male killed over dumb ish with no justice…

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