Soulja Boy Arrested On Gun Charges

(AllHipHop News) Soulja Boy has been toting a lot of guns on his social media and it seems like authorities have been watching.

Somebody told on him after he threatened somebody on social media.

Law officials went to Soulja Boy’s home in Hollywood Hills today (Thursday December 15) after a tip from Crime Stoppers stated that he was threatening individuals with guns on the internet.

Police found a gun and arrested the rapper, according to TMZ.

Soulja Boy is already on probation for his loaded gun case and its not permitted to legally have a firearm.

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25 Responses to “Soulja Boy Arrested On Gun Charges”

  1. Black Jay Supreme

    All that bubblegum chewing got that a$$ caught up. I swear we got a gang of dumb a$$ n*ggas in this world. Can’t appreciate God’s blessings and stay getting locked up by Charlie on some unforced errors type sh*t. 😒😒😒

  2. King Kredible

    These dudes give more of their money to the criminal justice system than their own kids. I couldn’t look in the mirror if I knew more of my hard-earned cash was going to the beast than to my kids. These dudes and their riches sustain modern day slavery. They are our enemies, not our allies.

  3. ursocalledgod

    LMMFAO…LMMFAO. its only so long fake thugs can pretend. dumb azz ninja. real Gs move in silence. any ninja flashing guns on the web aint killing SHYYT.

      • Markus

        Case in point. Your lame attempt at humor speaks to how your brain betrays you.

      • EVOLONE

        There was no attempt to be humorous. You being ignorant are ignorant of your own ignorance.

      • Markus

        So your thing is making idiotic pathetic meaningless comments in the hope to start a thread of back and forth to amuse yourself? Internet trolls can go fornicate themselves. Now take this time out and think about how useless you are. Dummy.

  4. andone

    real talk soulja boy is only a threat to himself sad it had to be a snitch tho because honestly if the police had any real concern it probably would have been dealt with sooner!

  5. Dadon850

    The day he gets out

    “Quavo snitched on me! P**sy Boy called the cops”

    Smh I bet he try to say a rapper got scared and called the cops.

  6. Hakeem

    you cant teach stupid but you can dam sure learn from it…..
    dude is a millionaire, just lay low and shop for girls in IG…..

    but its this generation… instagram stuntin’ and facebook frontin’….

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