R&B Rewind: ’88, ’98, ’08

Remember when you saw your first music video? It might have been on MTV, BET, Friday Night Videos or even The Box. Music videos have always drawn people closer to an artist and made a song more popular. They have also been instrumental in displaying the styles and trends that have influenced the Hip-Hop/R&B generation…. Read more »



Really 2008?

  It is I returning to spread love to the world. Did you miss me?   So I was at home watching Beyoncé videos with some friends. By friends, I mean me, my hand, and my Vaseline. As I watched, I began to think of all the douche bags and douche baguettes that made the… Read more »



Five For ’09

Shontelle Shontelle is a beauty fresh from the island of Barbados who spent some of her life proving to her parents that a career in music isn’t hazardous to her future. While attending the University of the West Indies, she penned the Soca hit “Roll” that is most famously sung by Alison Hinds. Writing “Roll” helped… Read more »



The Last Word: 2008 Edition

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Quite simply, it was 2008.   From the highs of watching history unfold with a new President to the lows of wading through an economic cesspool of unemployment and changing food and gas prices, there was always entertainment. And our stars did not… Read more »



AHHA’s Best of 2008: Estelle

Original Post Date: March 13, 2008Maybe it’s the British accent or the wit that accompanies it, but there’s something undeniably charismatic about Estelle. In the midst of the flipflopping winter flu season, the 28-year-old songstress slash rapper sits back in Atlantic Records in New York, dishing about the fundamental difference between US and UK men…. Read more »



AHHA’s Best of 2008: Teyana Taylor

Original Post Date: January 22, 2008Strange, eccentric, odd- a few words some may associate with Star Trak’s teen sensation, Teyana Taylor. As for her, she prefers “bold, creative and different.” The world got their first taste of the 16-year old Harlem globetrotter when MTV featured her on it’s widely popular reality show, My Super Sweet… Read more »



AHHA’s Best of 2008: Chris Brown

Original Post Date: August 14, 2008Chris Brown has been the center of attention for everything but his music lately (with the exception of penning Rihanna’s latest single “Disturbia”). Be it his dancing, cuddling with RiRi at KFC, or out-swagging the next male artist, CB has remained a staple in the spotlight – for better or… Read more »



The Last Word: Cosby Porn? Fantasia Loses Her House, Janet Jackson IS Pregnant? and Bobby Brown Has a New Group

How is everything? Another week gone by, another twenty cents made as OJ gets sent to prison for at least nine years, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich gets arrested for trying to sell President-elect Obama’s senate seat, and unemployement continues to rise with Bank of America planning to cut more than 35,000 jobs in the next… Read more »



ALBUM REVIEW: Akon – Freedom

Akon has reached a crossroads that bedevils most superstars at this point in their careers. Now three albums deep with over 100 guest appearances since his 2004 smash debut, the Senegalese singer has the options of continuing the formulaic yet massively successful sound that’s made him a star, or taking a huge gamble and redefining… Read more »



Bill Bellamy: Addicted

In an era of countless viral videos and sour attempts at humor, we still have some funnymen who make us “lmao” effortlessly. Bill Bellamy is one comedian who has had his hand in all things comedy since the moment he stepped on the scene. From his comical VJ’ing on MTV Jams, to his stand-up, movies,… Read more »



Musiq Soulchild: OnAnotherLevel

It’s alright to admit that at least one of Musiq Soulchild’s songs has moved you in one way or another. If he isn’t talking about going “Halfcrazy” in one song, he’s serenading a lovely woman in another called “Don’t Change.” Who could forget the most infamous ballad of them all, “Love” where he showcases his… Read more »



The Last Word: Rihanna and Chris Brown Face a Lawsuit, Diddy and Akon Try For the Black James Bond, and Amy Winehouse Gets the Business in Her Hospital Bed

What’s up peoples? It’s the final month of 2008 and the week jumps off with India and Pakistan beefing over last week’s attack on Mumbai, President-elect Obama introducing his national security team as he nominates Hilary Clinton for Secretary of State and the official word that we are in a recession despite an increase in… Read more »



R&B Rewind: Jamie Foxx – “Infatuation”

Artist: Jamie FoxxSong: “Infatuation”?Year: 1994?Album: Peep This?Hey everybody! It’s Wednesday and it’s time for another R&B Rewind! Every week I am fortunate to get suggestions from many of you about which songs to cover next. I appreciate all of your ideas, so please keep them coming! But anyway, let’s get to this week’s pick. He got… Read more »



The Last Word: Chris Brown Taps Madonna and Coldplay for New Project, Beyonce Is Too Scared For Kids, and Ne-Yo Covers Barbra Streisand?

Hello, good people. It’s the first official day of the silly season as the week closes out with everybody still eating or figuring out what to do with all the leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Obama introduces his economic team, while shoppers around the country are camping out and getting up too early in the morning to… Read more »



The Last Word: Mariah Finds Inspiration On Her Toilet, Timberlake, Perry, and Prince Find Lawsuits, and Beyonce Says No to Thanksgiving Cooking

What’s fake, real people? The week is over and I’m set for another quick two days before the cycle starts again. With the longest serving Republican in Senate history, Ted Stevens, leaving his colleagues to carry on without him as he appeals his recent conviction on federal charges for concealing more than $250,000 in gifts… Read more »



Cassie: Shine Brighter

The age of blogging coupled with the latest paparazzi craze has developed a new breed of movie stars and recording artists. It’s safe to say that Cassie falls into that category. After only one hit single and a disastrous live performance that attracted a slam of ridicule, Cassie is still pretty visible – whether at… Read more »



The-Dream: Searching For Booty

The views expressed in this column are not the views shared by“Oh my God, Becky! Look at her butt! It is so big. She looks like one of those rap guys’ girlfriends.” -Sir Mix-A-Lot, “Baby Got Back” circa 1992Hey everybody! Hope all is well. I know some of you may be wondering why I… Read more »



The Last Word: Beyoncé Jacks Leona Lewis, Talks Wonder Woman, George Clinton Goes Country/Cloning, and Salma Hayek is Addicted to Breastfeeding?

What’s the deal, true believers? It’s been a slow five and I’m ready to get on with my weekend after hearing rumblings of a government bailout for the auto industry and Obama and family getting oriented with the White House and his Presidential duties from an outgoing president Bush.   Condolences go out to South… Read more »



Catching Up With Avant: From Performing in Iraq to R. Kelly Comparisons

  Eight years deep in the industry, R&B crooner Avant learned quickly that he had to craft his own identity or risk being fazed out to prepubescent pretty boys or afro-sporting pseudo-soulquarians. Over ten hit singles and four albums, the Cleveland-bred vocalist proved he wasn’t just another new millennium R. Kelly Xerox, and that talent… Read more »



Beyonce vs. Sasha Fierce

Beyoncé Knowles may hold a permanent residence at the top of the Pop charts, but her private life has been everything but popularized. We’ve learned bits and pieces about Mrs. Carter’s life through her music and whatever tiny nuggets we are fed from the news. Beyoncé’s next release I AM…Sasha Fierce promises the both sides… Read more »