Donell Jones Returns with "Forever"

Exclusive Interview with Donell Jones

R&B Crooner Donell Jones has accomplished much since his 1996 ‘My Heart’ album release. With singles like, “Where I Wanna Be,” and “U Know What’s Up,” Jones has recorded seven studio albums and traversed the R&B and Hip-Hop landscape collaborating with some of hip-hop’s biggest stars such as Left Eye and Big Pun.

His latest album, Forever, features music inspired by old-school singers like Teddy Pendergrass and Stevie Wonder. The album is also being released on Jones’ own label, CandyMan Music. As always, Jones writes from his real life and creates songs that resonate with listeners, as he told Huffington Post, “R&B is missing the art of storytelling. And the art of storytelling through videos. That’s what we used to have.” The songs on the album reflect his current state of mind, the single, “Forever,” is dedicated to his girlfriend and her life-path number, 22. “A Mother’s Love,” is dedicated to his own single mother.

The man who created what Jermaine Dupri calls, “One of the greatest R&B albums of all time: Where I Wanna Be, Donell Jones recently sat down with at Frank Ski’s Restaurant and Lounge to talk about his latest album, Forever, the success of previous albums, the current state of R&B, working with Left Eye, the story behind his infamous hats, wanting to work with Beyonce and Drake and much more.