Dave Mays: Real Talk Part 2

AllHipHop.com: You and Benzino created The Source together. Was that something purposely you guys wanted to do to keep that under wraps? Dave Mays: Yes. Yes it was. AllHipHop.com: I guess what—why the decision to finally have it announced when it came out that he was cofounder with you as well as the chief brand—… Read more »



Dave Mays: Real Talk Part 1

Who is Dave Mays? Is the Harvard graduate the reserved magazine magnate he appears to be in public? Or behind closed doors, is Mays more like the bullied kid former Source staffer Reginald Dennis claimed he is in a recent interview on hiphopdx.com? Only Mays knows for sure, and he’s never been one to talk…. Read more »



DJ Green Lantern: Air Out

This summer’s Anger Management 3 tour was set to feature many guests [Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil’ Jon, G-Unit, Ludacris] including DJ Green Lantern, one of Hip-Hop’s favorite spin-doctors. That suddenly isn’t the case anymore. As a result of a misunderstanding, some Linda Trippin,’ and some damage control, Green Lantern announced his departure from Shady Records,… Read more »



Pitch Black: Lighthouse

Brooklyn fivesome Pitch Black has been kept in the dark for far too long. Forming in 1994, the Hip-Hop group, consisting of MC’s D.G., Fast, Devious, G.O.D., and Zakee, released a slew of underground projects before the long-awaited release of their 2004 debut album, Pitch Black Law. Despite keeping it gully on the lead single,… Read more »



Cassidy: Problem Child, Trouble Man

The music industry now boasts a rabid dog-eat-rabid dog mentality and with every passing day, new artists emerge on the road to riches like commuters in rush hour traffic. What’s an artist to do to set himself apart from the rest? If you’re Cassidy, you could make people take notice by eating an already repped… Read more »



Jackson Brown: Follow The Leader

Hip-Hop and fine art haven’t been cozy bedfellows, but painter Jackson Brown intends to change the commonly accepted perception. To achieve his mission, Brown teamed with art curator Bill Adler (Run DMC, Def Jam, Russell Simmons) and the pair has brazenly challenged the New York art scene with their exhibit, "Follow the Leader: Portraits of… Read more »



Beanie Sigel: Hip-Hop’s Next Federal Case? Part 1

The story behind Beanie Sigel’s incarceration is simple, judicially speaking. The Philadelphia rapper was convicted for gun possession and is currently serving a one-year sentence in prison. Accounts from those close to Beanie’s situation suggests that the legal scars are much more complex, a result of longtime pursuit by Philadelphia police and an extensive federal… Read more »



Trillville: Reloaded

Referred to as the “young guns” of Crunk, Trillville members, Don P, Dirty Mouth, and Lil’ LA made their name off of their rowdy, Crunk antics on record but solidified their reputation over the squeaky clean bed springs of the recent hit record, “Some Cut.” As one of Lil’ Jon’s personal Atlanta pet projects, Trillville… Read more »



The Rebirth Of Kool G Rap

Kool G Rap’s musical career has been a journey that most Hip-Hop aficionados could only dream of. Now the self-proclaimed “Donald Goines of Rap” plots a simultaneous comeback and exit from a profession he helped pioneer since the 80s. AllHipHop chronicles this expedition in THE REBIRTH OF KOOL G RAP, a reoccurring feature. Read the… Read more »



Benzino: The Source Part 2

AllHipHop.com: Can you just talk honestly about this lawsuit filed? Benzino: Oh definitely, yes, the lawsuit was like—usually when people get fired sometimes, especially this magazine there’s been walkouts and again, journalist people, they’re a real crazy bunch of people. AllHipHop.com: [Laughs] Benzino: But um, basically Kim Osorio, we had let go, we had terminated… Read more »



Young Gunz: 100 Miles & Gunnin’

Together as the Young Gunz, Chris and Neef have made music that dominates the airwaves. Early in their twenties, the duo continues make singles intended for all ages, while upholding a street connection and ties to State Property. After “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” and “Friday Night,” the men have a lot to live up to…. Read more »