Rhymefest: Walk The Line

Rhymefest is getting a heavy career jump-start. The recent turmoil of whether he wrote all, some, or none of Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Walks’ has overshadowed Rhymfest’s stellar bootleg mix, Blue Collar, and his heavy appearances on albums from Old Dirty and Mark Ronson. But there’s a reason Rhymefest is in the media blitz. He’s on… Read more »



Nelly : Beef & Broccoli  

Nelly was thrown into the KRS-One situation a few years ago and was rushed with opposition. With scrutiny coming from Chingy, Nelly has a chance to flex his seniority, his muscle, and his mouth. But before the battle paint is spread, Nelly also takes time to reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King on his day,… Read more »



Back For The First Time: Hip-Hop Comebacks Pt. 2

Right as she dropped her debut, Yo-Yo was featured prominently in John Singleton’s Boyz N’The Hood in 1991. At times juggling her Rap career, Yo-Yo continued to work in other films such as “Sister Act 2,” “Three Strikes,” and “Panther.” This past year, she joined MC Eiht as one of the many colorful, and arguably… Read more »



D-Dot: Breaking Silence With Science

When Notorious B.I.G left the planet in ’97, we were left with musical memoirs that reminded us of why he was crowned “legendary”. It wasn’t just B.I.G’s voice and lyrics that captured us, but the hypnotic beats that surrounded those vocals. Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie provided a considerable amount of those tailor-made beats to one of… Read more »



De La Soul: Still Grinding

AllHipHop.com: The Grind Date has been already received as one of the better albums in your catalog. You’ve never made a poorly received album, but why do you think the album came together so well? Dave: It comes in several ways for us, man. We don’t really stick to one way of recording songs. Sometimes… Read more »



GURU: Brainstorm

Like Eazy-E juggling success between N.W.A. and his illustrious solo career, GURU first proved that he could be huge whether the MC for Gangstarr or the host with the most on his Jazzmatazz releases. So many new talents have unveiled new labels and introduced boring artists while true visionaries like GURU have let his Ill… Read more »



Mark Ronson: Vinyl Visionary

Slick Rick, Monie Love, and Maybach’s aren’t the only dope English exports to Hip-Hop. Mark Ronson’s audio vision has been running its course on Hip-Hop the last five years. From the soulful Gap ads, to providing the sweeter sounds behind Beanie Sigel and Dirt McGirt, to his criminally slept-on Here Comes the Fuzz album last… Read more »



The Game: Man or Machine

Game recognized The Game. Dr. Dre signed the Compton neophyte to Aftermath, 50 Cent marketed him as his West Coast G-Unit soldier, and The House That Jimmy Iovine Built, Interscope Records, will distribute his debut album. Not bad company for a fledging rapper. But with all the attention surrounding Game aka Chuck Taylor—whether due to… Read more »



NORE: When Thugs Grow

Nore has seen his share of beefs in hip-hop from the East/West turbulence to crew squabbles to petty rap bellyaching. These days, the original “What, What” man has settled down like sand in a calm pond. A long cry from his CNN days, and is enjoying the juicy fruits of his labor. Still, Nore’s got… Read more »



Loon: Independence Day.

Everybody wants to be a star, yet few are actually willing to put in the work required to achieve their goals. For former Bad Boy recording artist Loon, however, this wasn’t the case. As the latest in a long line of P.Diddy sidekicks, the Harlem-bred rapper paid his dues by ghostwriting the boss’s hits and… Read more »