The Relativez: Let It Bang

Some Hip-Hoppers never heard of The Relativez. But they’re probably in your album collection. Still, this act has been largely responsible for the way gangs have been represented on wax. While signed to Death Row Records in the early and mid-nineties, Big Wy and Suga Booga were the leaders of the Young Soldierz, who hit… Read more »



Devin the Dude: Blue Collar Baller

If you aren’t a fan of crunk music, you may fall out of love with Hip-Hop. Even the most proven artists in rap are dabbling with that derrty mash out sound. Even though the south is getting a new appeal, lots of yesterday’s stars are dealing with antiquation and conformation. Many of the people who… Read more »



Beanie Sigel: Fight the Power

Philly rap staple Beanie Sigel is mere days away from one of the biggest turning points in his life. Beanie’s fighting for his freedom, his family, and his future all at once. As the numbered days grow closer, the deadlines get tighter and he’s about to bless the public with what might be his best… Read more »



The Beastie Boys: No Crossover

Let us never forget the Beastie Boys. According to Russell Simmons’ autobiography "Life & Def," without their debut’s residual sales, Def Jam might’ve folded. Without the Beasties’ reaching audiences that Schooly D didn’t, Hip-Hop may’ve never blossomed to such mass appeal. Without the barriers broken by Brooklyn’s finest, would we march to the beat of… Read more »



Wordsworth: Reflection Eternal

With his clever wordplay and impressive ability to spontaneously kick a freestyle verse better than most rappers could after days spent dawdling with a pen and a pad, Flatbush bred Wordsworth has long been considered one of underground Hip-Hop’s best emcees. But oddly enough it’s been nearly a decade, with no album, since he made… Read more »



Silkk The Shocker: Re-Entry

With few passing the test of time, rappers are here today and unfortunately gone today. As a teenager, Silkk The Shocker was playing with millions. He entered the rap game through his older brother Master P’s No Limit Records. The label exploded on to a scene dominated by New York and California at the time,… Read more »



Lance ‘Un’ Rivera: The Return

Does Hip-Hop have a Donald Trump? Before just the dollars and worth, Trump is renowned for his resilience after loss. To go from something to nothing and back up, that’s genius. Perhaps the most deserving Hip-Hop comparison lies in Lance “Un” Rivera. Un was responsible for a hearty size of Biggie’s success by way of… Read more »



DJ Whoo Kid

In today’s current Hip-Hop climate, there is no better promotional tool as effective as the mixtape. No longer do record companies hold the power to impose their data calculated will upon the Hip-Hop community. Thanks to this ever-popular medium, the streets now dictate who is hot. In 2002 mixtapes gave birth to Hip-Hop heavyweight 50… Read more »



Alchemist: To the Front Line

No flash, no bling, no mess, Alchemist is about beats. For the better part of six years Alchemist has been one of the more reclusively successful producers in Hip Hop, producing grimy banger after grimy banger. In those six years, producers have risen to levels where their personalities and commercial draw equal, if not eclipse… Read more »



Dame Dash: Fashion Forward

Roc-A-Fella and its empire has shifted its position appreciably in the entertainment industry, similar to the way moving tectonic plates cause massive earthquakes. On facet, Roc-A-wear, one of Hip-Hop’s premiere urban clothing was founded in 1999 by moguls Damon “Dame” Dash, Jay-Z and Kareem “Biggs” Burke to the delight of urban and suburban dwellers worldwide…. Read more »



Fall Fashion In Full Force

While the fashion tastemakers of the world gear up for the August MAGIC Convention, held in Las Vegas August 30th through September 2nd, the Fall lines that were presented at February’s MAGIC show are beginning to hit stores. In each month, or ‘delivery’ in fashion-speak, clothing companies work hard to capture your attention in department… Read more »



CL Smooth: Broken Atoms

The music industry is notorious for breaking up relationships. Friendships and family ties have went down in the ball of flames due to the inner strife that the industry is sickened with. The dynamic duo of Pete Rock & CL Smooth is no different. Pete Rock, one of Hip-Hop’s most celebrated underground producers, recently went… Read more »



WC & Felli Fel: West Up

If one were to peruse Billboard’s hip-hop singles charts, they’d probably think West Coast hip-hop was extinct. The fact that the Left has only a handful of consistent chart-toppers that keep the West alive might have some under the impression that West coast mc’s have nothing to offer but regurgitated gangstaism. Those who listen to… Read more »



AllHipHop Week 2004

Chuck ‘Jigsaw’ Creekmur and “Grouchy” Greg Watkins, co-CEO’s of AllHipHop.com formally announces its First Annual AllHipHop Week, which will include voter registration, Breeding Ground Live, The Social Lounge, the 2nd Annual BBQ and others special events. Jigsaw and Grouchy said the week wasn’t even supposed to be. “We never intended to have a week, but… Read more »