The Game Releases Statement on Beef

Mo Money, Mo Problems, To All My Fans… I know all of my fans are wondering what the f**k is going on with The Black Wall Street. Hear it from the horse’s mouth: I was forced to switch the domain of my former website to due to the disrespect shown towards me from […]

Mo Money, Mo Problems, To All My Fans…

I know all of my fans are wondering what the f**k is going on with The

Black Wall Street. Hear it from the horse’s mouth: I was forced to

switch the domain of my former website to due to the disrespect shown towards me from

ex-employees who decided to turn their backs on me and my imprint, because

they felt they weren’t getting enough money out of me. In the past year

[2005] I have spent over $1.5 million dollars on my homies and employees

of The Black Wallstreet label. I bought n***as new cars, gave n***as

thousands of dollars in cash daily, paid for n***as to go on trips that

hood n***as will never be able to go on in their lifetime. I took care

of n***a’s kids, paid n***a’s rent, gave n***as jewelry and a lot of other

s**t that I didn’t have to do. All that, and I HAVE NEVER ASKED FOR

ANYTHING in return from them. I let n***as live, let them make money off

ME using my name, selling my s**t all without asking for a cut, and gave

them the opportunity of a lifetime to do whatever they want, opening the

doors very few ever see to get in the business and giving them the

chance to make something legal, positive, and legit out of their lives.

All you n***as had to do was be men and apologize for trying to f**k over

a good n***a!

There came a time when I felt like I was being taking

advantage of by the people closest to me – and like anybody else would, I

got fed up. A lot of my homies and former employees have continued to

disrespect my company and my name by selling my t-shirts and mixtapes behind

my back, making thousands of dollars and keeping 100% profit without

cutting myself or anyone else in [even after they sent in resignation

notices from the Black Wall Street] and talking s**t about me. This

whole situation has been a total f**kin’ nightmare for me. But as a man, I

will deal with this as I have every other obstacle that has surfaced

since the beginning of my career. I never thought my own family and homies

would turn their back on me, but Dr. Dre told me that this day was gonna

come three years back. For my fans on, I have a new

website which is If you wish to e-mail me

about this matter or any other, you can e-mail me personally at For the fans and people who decide to

stay on the old site, I wish you guys the best but I will not be

affiliated with the old site EVER. I don’t and never did hold any

grudges with the n***as that tried to f**k me and take food out of my son’s

mouth [I always let them be and do them and never stopped them], but I

will never ever forgive those who turned their back on me. I came in

this mothaf**kin’ world by myself and I will die BY MYSELF!

N***as can

say whatever they want about me behind my back, but when I see ’em, they

curl up like little b*tches. If that last sentence offended you, then

that means you one of the n***as who tried to f**k me. TRY AGAIN

MOTHERF**KER !!! I will close this letter by saying, I ended Joe Budden’s

career, smashed what was left of Memphis Bleek, waisted the Young Guns and

killed G-Unit ALL by myself! There is no one else worth beefing with.

Oh yeah, f**k Spider Joke and all them fake ass G-Unit Crips…….. Again


trying to fool these fans into believing you’re a factor in this L.A.

Gangbangin’ s**t. You don’t even come outside, and I know 100 Crip and Blood

gangs lookin for yo’ buster ass, n***a. How you gone be from a Crip gang

in L.A. and then be from G-Unit Crip [and get G UNIT tattooed on your

body before you get your OWN gang]? Now 50 is the leader of a Crip

gang? Huh? Ha ha ha ha ha 50, aint NEVER puttin’ yo s**t out, n***a.

And I been had a diss record ready for you in the vault, but your s**t

was such garbage, it ain’t even worth puttin’ out and givin’ you any shine.

I’ve never before heard a rap n***a TRY to bang as hard as you do on

records and in interviews, it’s obvious the reason your around them cops

is because 50 is “tryin to start a war on a coast he aint from” between

Bloods and Crips, and capitalize off it while innocent n***as die in the

middle, and he laughs all the way to the bank. Don’t let someone throwin’

a little money your way change who you are. Loyalty first. Open your

eyes……….. G-UNIT is DEAD! As for Lil’ Eazy, you will never be

ya father, you little disrespectful s**t……… R.I.P. Eric “Eazy- E”

Wright. Funny how you were cheesin on my DVD six months ago, but now that

your album about to come out, and single has gotten NO play [EVEN in L.A.

radio stations -YOUR home town], you decide to take the 50 route and try

to get attention and sales by sparking up beef. The public sees right

through you and your ghostwriter. Keep dissin’ me, you n***as is crazy !

I single-handedly brought the West Coast back and opened the doors for all

you punk ass n***as and this how you act. I ain’t even talkin s**t, I’m

stating facts: who is the ONLY rap artist in the past ten years to go

even Platinum from the West besides Dre, 2Pac, and Snoop? Put ya album

out, the whole world will laugh at you n***as. N***as in the streets

keep threatening my life, but everyday I wake up breathing. I walk wit’ GOD

n***as, and I will die before I let another n***a take food from Harlem. And

remember, if you comin’ to kill me there is a 50% chance you might not

make it out, so COME ON N***A! I’M OUT HERE EVERYDAY!

So there it is, The Black Wallstreet C-E- Mothaf**kin’ – O. N***as tryin’ to sue me ’cause

I switched sites, and they can’t make no more money off me behind my back

AFTER they already quit [if they quit, why they still usin’ my name and

everything I built single-handedly?] Give me a reason to write “400

Bars” I’m beggin you n***as. Mo’ money, mo’ problems…suck my d*ck!

– The GaMe