Little Brother: Special Delivery

Of all the records released in the past year, only a few will still have us studying them in say, another five years. Little Brother’s The Listening deserves to hold one of those honored ranks. The North Carolina trio has supplied the masses with a record that pays homage to records with themes, ideas, and… Read more »



Crooked I: Answers The Ill Community

Crooked I took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions from AllHipHop’s Ill Community. Peep it… Allhiphop: SweetCheeba asked; do you get tired of people asking you about your relationship with Suge? CI: Not really ‘cause I know people want to know what’s up with that and I’m always happy to… Read more »



Crooked I: Leader of the New School

Crooked I: Leader of the New School By Jigsaw It’s often been clichéd that a rolling stone gathers no moss, but the same principle hardly pertains to hip-hop rhyme styles. Tha Row’s (Death Row) hungry, battle-tested upstart Crooked I has laid his hat in many cities, and its apparent after hearing him spit, that he… Read more »



Voletta Wallace Looks Forward And Back

Ms. Voletta Wallace is a martyr to the casualties of hip-hop. No mother raises a child to be slain over greed, pride, and envy. Ms. Wallace has endured that cruelest of fates, and still is willing to share. Almost six years to the day after he son was gunned down on the lawless streets of… Read more »



Vita: Stand Up

Last year New Jersey-based rapper Vita anticipated that her long-awaited album, La Vita Dolce ("The Good Life"), would drop under the Murder Inc. banner. Her hopes would never come to fruition. Instead the original female on Murder Inc. would walk away after being signed to the label for over two years. Now, the former Murder… Read more »



Ras Kass: Catch Him If You Can

Much like Van Gogh, a 19th century artist who never attained any real commercial success until after his death, Priority Records recording artist Ras Kass is struggling with similar obstacles to those of the famed painter. The fact that Ras Kass’ never-released third album was entitled Van Gogh, speaks volumes about the frustration felt by… Read more »



Choppa: Line Em

New Orleans is quite possibly Hip-Hop’s best-kept secret and Choppa is set to become the Dirty South’s brightest star. At the tender age of 21, No Limit’s newest protégé is on the verge of taking the N.O. to even bigger heights. With his booming voice, unrelenting personality, and aggressive bounce style of music, Choppa is… Read more »



SUPASTITION: A Different Caliber

25 year old Supastition got the rap bug at the tender age of 9, when he first heard Dougie Fresh’s "The Show." After stints on such labels as Lo Key Records (owned by Kurtis Blow) and Mends Recordings, Supa has shared microphone duties with such rap acts as Pumpkinhead, Bad Seed, Jean Grae, Yaggfu Front,… Read more »



Amil: All Money Isn’t Legal Part 2

While Amil’s first album was met with lukewarm reviews, it is generally accepted as a solid first album effort. If not for being on white hot Roc-A-Fella Records at the time, the album may have been met with better reviews. For some unknown reason, Amil has been publicly crucified and hated. Without a bitter bone… Read more »



Joe Budden: Straight To The League

Joe Budden proclaims his freshman album will drop once “Def Jam gets off its ass.” Mighty words from a relative neophyte to the overcrowd game of hip-hop. However, Budden isn’t your average rookie. Through mix tapes and high-powered, visible associations [DJ Clue, Envy], he’s managed to skip Junior varsity squad and jump straight to the… Read more »



Steinski: Back To The Future

There was something captured in the early 1980’s New York Hip-Hop culture that we may never have back: A carefree attitude, and the music to match it. In a year that eulogizes Run-DMC as the pioneers of taking Hip-Hop to the suburbs, I recall another pioneer who helped bring hip-hop to the dance floor. Steve… Read more »



A Psychologist’s View On Hip-Hop Lyrics:

Whether it be original "Trouble Man" Marvin Gaye or embattled crooner R.Kelly, R&B men who exhibit abnormal or illicit behavior are often viewed as victims of a painful childhood. However, when rappers cross the line of respectable behavior they are viewed as deviants and delinquents. Critics then denigrate select lyrics from said rapper’s catalogue as… Read more »