J.Period And Big Daddy Kane: Nuff Respect Due

Most mixtape DJ’s these days are overly concerned with the future: breaking new songs, new artists, new beefs. Occasionally, a posthumous blessing from a late MC may make the mix. Otherwise, expect nothing from yesterday. A Brooklyn DJ with the capability to be a mega-bomb dropper, opted to do otherwise. In June, DJ J Period… Read more »



Ice Cube: From Tha Hood To Hollywood

Ice Cube has been a fixture on the hip-hop scene for almost 20 years now. Many watched in awe as a group of Niggas With Attitudes burst on to the hip-hop scene and changed the landscape of the game’s terrain. After a split from NWA due to money, a consciouss awakening through religion and politics,… Read more »



Freekey Zeekey: Destination Deferred Pt. 2

AllHipHop: What are your duties entail as the president of Diplomat Records? Freekey Zeekey: With Diplomat its no set duty. I can have the camera or the tape recorder. I answer phones. I write checks, to sweeping floors. That’s my duty, because this is my business and we still up and running fabulous. Thank Dame… Read more »



Macho Man’ Randy Savage: OHHH YEAHHHHHH

Most people know Randy "Macho Man" Savage from his legendary bouts in the professional wrestling arena. Most don’t know that the man who took wrestling to the mainstream, hopes to do the same with his debut hip-hop album, Be A Man. The album drops October 7th on Big 3 Records. Savage convincingly does the hip-hop… Read more »



Jae-Millz: Living Lessons…

Harlem’s smoke is still rising. But this time the fire burns from the rap industry’s latest artist, battle rapper Jae Millz. Our first introduction to Jae Millz on a mainstream level stems from his guest appearance on P.Diddy’s “Making the Band,” when he went toe-to-toe against the group captain Ness. However, Jae Millz is ready… Read more »



Geronimo Ji Jaga: Soulja’s Story Pt 2

AllHipHop: How did you join the Panthers? GJJ: I never joined the Panthers. My function, after Martin Luther King was killed, was to come and defend our community. That was something we had to do. So, when I came out, I worked in the South and then East – New York. I didn’t get to… Read more »



Geronimo Ji Jaga: Soulja’s Story Pt 1

For real, for real: To understand – better yet – to know Tupac Shakur, you must peer beyond hip-hop into history. The family tree that bore Tupac has a lineage of political activists, Black Panthers, and a tightly woven unit all rolled into one prolific individual person that was stolen from the Earth on September… Read more »



Sgt. Kevin Manning: Same Song

A memory. One evening when I was eighteen years old I came home after my night shift at McDonald’s to a police officer standing in my driveway next to my second used car, a fly burgundy ’78 Volvo. He informed me that my car had been seen leaving the scene of a crime. Allegedly someone… Read more »



David Roger: White Man’z World

Grand jury. What is a grand jury? According to the American Bar Association (no liquor, but lots of drunk lawyers) "the primary function of the modern grand jury is to review the evidence presented by the prosecutor and determine whether there is probable cause to return an indictment." Basically, the grand jury was designed as… Read more »



Cathy Scott: Ambitionz Az A Ridah

Cathy Scott, the author of the bestseller The Killing of Tupac Shakur, as well as the jaw-dropping The Murder of Biggie Smalls is one ambitious lady. In addition to her teachings (journalism at UNLV) and her column ("Crime and Punishment" for Las Vegas CityLife), she even manages time to solve a murder or two. Her… Read more »



E.D.I.: Life Of An Outlaw

E.D.I., so named for his physical semblance to former Ugandan President Idi Amin, may be an outlaw by moniker, but he’s a hustler by nature. The Co-CEO of One Nation Music Inc., along with his Outlaw partners, Young Noble and Kastro, has managed to triumph over tragedy and advance through adversity to become a major… Read more »



Chuck Phillips: Me Against The World

Chuck Philips is a Pulitzer Prize winning writer for the Los Angeles Times, he’s also the man who shocked the hip-hop community and the world in September of 2002 with his two-part investigative report on the murder of Tupac Shakur. The first part of his piece introduced claims that had never previously been made public,… Read more »



Paris : Jagged Pill

California-based emcee Paris is a throwback to an era when red, black and green medallions were standard issue, and hip hop, still a pre-teen, was deemed unmarketable and something to be feared by corporate America. In 1990, Paris released his debut album and single, The Devil Made Me Do It, and became part of a… Read more »



Murphy Lee: Head of the Class

To a nation of teenagers and kids in their early twenties, September means only one thing: Back to School. And after a long summer basking in the sun, and hugging the block like quarter water, it’s time for students to get to stomping in a fresh purr of Air Force Ones. And for Murphy Lee… Read more »