Loon: The Bad Boy Franchise Pt.1

Most people only recognize Loon as the guy who blew up when he was featured in P.Diddy’s "I Need A Girl" series of hits. As with most "overnight successes," it usually takes years and years of hard work to finally realize your dream. Loon is no exception. Loon comes from Harlem, where he says he… Read more »



Juelz Santana: Young Machine Gun

Juelz Santana was introduced to the rap game in a major way. Featured on Cam’Ron’s hits "Oh Boy," and "Hey Ma," Juelz has seen some interesting things in his life. Now, the upcoming artist is ready to pick up where the gold selling album, Diplomatic Immunity left off. AllHipHop.com: You coming under the umbrella of… Read more »



Who Killed Jam Master Jay? Pt. 2

AllHipHop: What was the climate within the group Rusty Waters? Was there any beef in the group? S: As far as Rusty Waters goes, it’s just like Run said. Jay was the glue behind everything. Now that Jay is gone, everybody is scattered. Ain’t nothing like it used to be. It use to be all… Read more »



Who Killed Jam Master Jay?: Pt.1

You may not know who Erik "Shake" James is. But you are about to meet him. As a personal friend of the late, great, Jam Master Jay, Shake was part of Jay’s inner circle from 1988 until the Jam Master’s murder in October of 2002. Shake traveled around the globe with Jam Master Jay and… Read more »



Gangstarr: No Question Remainz

While mostly the voice, it’s more. Guru is hip-hop’s best PR Man, and he doesn’t need to rent out a fancy hotel to attract an audience. On the verge of releasing their sixth album over a fifteen year reign, Gang Starr’s main purpose is to cherish the woman we call hip-hop. Guru is quite possibly… Read more »



Grand Master Melle Mel – Part II

AllHipHop: I personally consider you the original G.O.A.T [Greatest of All Time]…you were the dominant rapper in hip-hop at one point and very visible unlike some before you. MM: Black people have short-term memory. That’s just us being ignorant, trendy and going with the fad. We are a part of history. If I was a… Read more »



Gloria “Glory” Velez: The American Dream

Gloria “Glory” Velez. Most likely you’ve seen the face, body and the sensual portray in videos and print media, but she promises she is much more than a sexy image. The 24-year-old started in the seedy music industry 10 years ago in a variety of dancing contests in Florida that eventually lead to big budget… Read more »



Chino XL: Trading Places

As hip-hop plows forward burrowing into history, more and more rappers are frozen in time or completely forgotten. Rap lyricist extraordinaire Chino XL isn’t about to be one of them. The rapper is readying Poison Pen, his next album slated for a fourth quarter release. But, in the interim period between albums Chino has turned… Read more »



Nick Broomfield: Tupac, Biggie & The LAPD

While the loss of perhaps the two biggest and brightest stars in hip-hop still resonates throughout the collective ears of hip-hop today, many of us still scratching our heads in awe. We all wonder: How could two of the most high profile murders in history go unsolved? It’s known the Feds were following them both…. Read more »



Tupac Shakur: On The Line With Tupac

One of the most interesting and intense interviews, I’ve ever conducted was with Tupac Shakur.. He had just hit it big with the movie "Juice" and everyone was wondering was he just acting or putting forth his real life persona in the movie. Although I had known him for a couple of years it was… Read more »



Fatal: Revisited

When Tupac Shakur exited this physical plane called Earth, he left behind millions of fans. One of the biggest was fellow Immortal Outlaw Fatal Hussein, who is still in the world living Thug Life. Tonight is another one of those nights. A hot summer night in the city where tension is climbing steadily. New Jersey… Read more »



Mic Geronimo: Back From Hell

Mic Geronimo is one of those MC’s that took hip-hop through the nineties. He picked up on the gritty styles of the mid-years, and dragged hip-hop through the flashy age, and now on to the independent frontier. Not many people realize that in 1995, Ja Rule, DMX, Cormega, and Irv Gotti were all riding on… Read more »



C-Bo: The Life Of A Rider

Recent history tells us that a successful independent artist is a scarce commodity. C-Bo has broken the mold and is laughing all the way to the bank. His current resume reads like the who’s-who of Hip-Hop: a true-to-form entrepreneur, owner of all his masters and backlog, and an estimated two million albums sold (all without… Read more »