Jean Grae: Verbal Telepathy

Like an embryo in its final gestation period, Jean Grae is ready to force her way into the Rap world by any means necessary. In fact, she has been for awhile now. Many consider her one of the best lyricists in the game – forget the gender separations. She initially kept her exquisite rhymes to… Read more »



Hip-Hop: Publicity Stuntin’ 101?

Hardly any recent story in Hip-Hop has buzzed quite as loudly as what some are now calling an overblown rift between rapper 50 Cent and G-Unit recruit, The Game. In a move that surprised observers, 50 Cent publicly dropped The Game from his clique on New York radio station HOT 97 in early March –… Read more »



Queen Latifah: Shop Talk

Forget the fact that Queen Latifah hasn’t done a Hip-Hop album since 1998’s Order in the Court, the fact remains that Queen is most assuredly Hip-Hop royalty. From the time she dropped her debut album fifteen years ago, Dana Owens has been putting “Ladies First” by repping to the fullest. Constantly challenging herself to reinvent… Read more »



Black Market Militia: Struggle Onward

Perhaps it is blind determination that compelled Killah Priest, Tragedy Khadafi, Hell Razah, Timbo King, and William Cooper to unite and form the supergroup Black Market Militia. Each MC respectively conveys a gritty style of street storytelling underlined with Islamic beliefs, Hebraic teachings, and Five-Percenter ideology. This combination of the secular and the spiritual leads… Read more »



Memphis Bleek: Do or Die

Memphis Bleek has been in the wings too long. His albums have moved significant units, and his name transcends Hip-Hop and Pop culture, so why isn’t Marcy’s second son satisfied? Bleek has been around a decade plus, but it is now that he sees as his affirmation to success to be determined this year. In… Read more »



Vast Aire: Dummy Smack

The Hip Hop community is obsessed with labels. From gangsta rap to nerd rap, everything is broken down and placed into categories. But Cannibal Ox’s front man Vast Aire is not having it. With a fanatical underground backing, many have been quick to label Can Ox as so called “nerd rap”. This term, which has… Read more »



Sway & Tech: Wake Up!

Lyrics, lyrics, and more lyrics. Any graduate of the famed Sway & King radio Wake Up Show has one raw emotive similarity – his or her ability to craft a solid Hip-Hop performance through lyrical content alone. Since the early ‘90s, the duo has been churning out talented radio performances from the likes of the… Read more »



Eazy E Tribute: MC Eiht

Eazy E’s vision pointed all eyes to Compton. As a result, everybody benefitted. One of the biggest beneficiaries was Eazy’s friend and peer, MC Eiht. Compton’s Most Wanted remains a group with a 20 year history of representing the neighborhood alongside NWA and Eazy E. Although he never signed with Ruthless, MC Eiht remained a… Read more »



Eazy E Tribute: Lil’ Eazy E

Ten years ago, Hip-Hop lost one of its most influential pioneers. Eazy E may not have invented Gangsta Rap, but damned if he wasn’t The Godfather. Somehow his legacy has been forever shadowed by many for reasons undeclared. AllHipHop.com wanted to pay proper tribute to Compton’s finest. Yesterday, we featured a rare 1989 interview with… Read more »


From the Vaults: NWA ’89

AllHipHop.com begins to honor the tenth anniversary of Eazy E’s death as we continue our “From the Vault” series with a rare 1989 interview conducted by Davey D and Keith Moerer. [Note: Out of all the interviews I’ve done.. this had to be the most intense. Both NWA and myself were very passionate about our… Read more »



Cory Gunz: Young Gunna

“If it wasn’t for the Bronx, this rap s**t probably never would be going on“…Those were the famous words uttered by Peter Gunz in the now classic summer anthem “Deja Vu“. Now seven years later, a grown man is here to prove that the now infamous words spit by his father are not just a… Read more »



Celly Cel: Return of the Mack

Back in 1994, the Hip-Hop scene experienced a new sound coming out of Vallejo, California. It wasn’t the usual Cali sound talking about, “F**k the Police” No, this sound from the Sik-Wid-It camp came with new slanguistics that would forever establish Vallejo as one of the trend setters of Hip-Hop. Celly Cel who was a… Read more »



Nas: Race Matters

Nas always has a wisdom to share and, in most cases, his thoughts are as interesting as any modern day scholar. This day, the rapper proves to be consistent – as always. The Street Disciple addresses the “Coon Picnic” controversy, “Vote or Die,” and the myth of slavery, among other hot buttons. AllHipHop.com: AllHipHop had… Read more »



Oschino: Trial By Fire

Though greatness is not always rewarded with longevity, it can often be measured by the legacy it creates. We may never know all of the juicy or ugly details behind the break-up and sale of Roc-A-Fella Records. But it is impossible to deny effect that the company had on the music industry, Hip-Hop culture and… Read more »



Sparks: Outspoken

Last week, Beanie Sigel’s mother indicated to AllHipHop.com that State Property was now defunct. According to her statement, the majority of the crew cared less about Beanie and haven’t reached out since he was jailed. Visits were few, aside from Oschino, and with the Dame/Jay division, there’s no future in frontin’. In addition to catching… Read more »