The Game: Man or Machine

Game recognized The Game. Dr. Dre signed the Compton neophyte to Aftermath, 50 Cent marketed him as his West Coast G-Unit soldier, and The House That Jimmy Iovine Built, Interscope Records, will distribute his debut album. Not bad company for a fledging rapper. But with all the attention surrounding Game aka Chuck Taylor—whether due to… Read more »



NORE: When Thugs Grow

Nore has seen his share of beefs in hip-hop from the East/West turbulence to crew squabbles to petty rap bellyaching. These days, the original “What, What” man has settled down like sand in a calm pond. A long cry from his CNN days, and is enjoying the juicy fruits of his labor. Still, Nore’s got… Read more »



Loon: Independence Day.

Everybody wants to be a star, yet few are actually willing to put in the work required to achieve their goals. For former Bad Boy recording artist Loon, however, this wasn’t the case. As the latest in a long line of P.Diddy sidekicks, the Harlem-bred rapper paid his dues by ghostwriting the boss’s hits and… Read more »



WHAT IF: Suge Knight Never Met Hip-Hop?

There are many figures in the relatively short history of Hip-Hop as a movement, a music and a cultural phenomenon. For every pro, there is a con—either gaining our admiration or our enmity via their service or lack thereof to our culture, respect.One central figure has earned both our respect and our anger at once…. Read more »



Jay-Z & Def Jam: Questions, Answers & More Questions

Jay-Z is one of the greatest lyricists in rap history, but questions loom as to whether or not the multi-platinum semi-retired Brooklyn emcee is capable of running hip-hop’s most legendary record label as a vigilant decision-maker instead of an on-court player.   Following the official announcement of Jay-Z’s appointment as president of Def Jam Records,… Read more »



Nelly: Derrty Job…

He may not be a thug, hustler, or what one might label an emcee, but Nelly has somehow ensnared the rap world and beyond with his country charm. His 2000 street anthem “Country Grammar,” recognized as the playful rhyming tune (“Down, Down Baby”) the ‘hood used to chant back in the days, instantly connected to… Read more »



Mannie Fresh: Step Up Front

AllHipHop.com: Can you speak on your new album? Mannie: The title if it is The Mind of Manny Fresh. That means the situation and things that have been happening in my life. If I had to describe it, I would say it is fun an escape from reality, an escape from the norm. AllHipHop.com: In… Read more »



Shock G: Just A Man

When you hear a Digital Underground album, or pay to see them perform, Shock G has always made sure that you have gotten your money’s worth. As the leader of the legendary Oakland-based group, he has morphed into many different characters over his career. His metamorphosis into the highly talented Piano Man or the world… Read more »



T.I.: Ego Trippin’

AllHipHop.com: You’ve been calling yourself the ‘King of the South’ for a minute and a lot of cats agree, while it rubbed some the wrong way…now you’re on the way to superstardom… T.I.:(Sarcastically) Oh we are? AllHipHop.com: Yeah, so how does it feel having called yourself the ‘King of the South’ such a long time… Read more »



Trick Daddy: Thug Honor

For all his transgressions, Trick Daddy is surprisingly moral. The raunchy rapper—with a history of drug charges and jail time—holds strong opinions regarding education and police presence surrounding the hip-hop community. But much like his discography, the Miami native is often overlooked as a legitimate talking head. We all know Trick loves the kids, but… Read more »



Edo G: Something To Say

While many hearts hurt in the Hip-Hop community when John Kerry’s presidential results came in short. But as names like Kerry may fade, Edo G has been holding down Boston for fifteen years – with a top single, a debut album barking at Gold status, and a string of classics ever since. This year bodes… Read more »



Crooked I: Talkin’ Turkey

Some would argue that it’s actually easier to get a death-row pardon in Texas than to wriggle out of a recording contract with Death Row Records. Just ask Crooked I, the decisive lyricist that emerged as one of the West Coast’s finest. Last year, he announced that he had departed the influential label but the… Read more »