Joe Budden: The IC Interview Part Two We heard you got arrested recently? Joe Budden: No. No. No. No. No. No. [In my life,] I have been artested. I’ve been arrested quite a few times. For what? Joe Budden: Oh, man. Bulls**t. Suspended license here, child support there, different bull—random bulls**t that people go to jail for for short periods […] We heard you got arrested recently?

Joe Budden: No. No. No. No. No. No. [In my life,] I have been artested. I’ve been arrested quite a few times. For what?

Joe Budden: Oh, man. Bulls**t. Suspended license here, child support there, different bull—random bulls**t that people go to jail for for short periods of time, but, like I said, anytime somethin’ happens to me, I don’t go and call my publicist to tell her to make a big deal out of it. I don’t tell her to go and call the magazines and call the websites and call the radio stations. Not at all. Even a couple years ago when a dude in—put that gun in my car, and I ran and tried to hurt that boy, I didn’t make a big deal outta that. I don’t even know how somebody found out about it. I’m discrete. I’m on the low. I hate all the same bulls**t that comes with this rap s**t, but it comes with the territory.

Morlocks: Okay, this question… Did you know DJ Clue was gonna put you on that freestyle with Game?

Joe Budden: I did know that.

Morlocks: Okay. Kidman123 asked this. Did you ask for that to happen so you could blow s**t up with G-Unit?

Joe Budden: No. I told Clue that I was doin’ a freestyle, and he had one already with Stack Bundles and Game, and he suggested that if I wanted to, I could get on that one. And I said I’d rather not because I don’t wanna spit 16’s. I don’t like spittin’ 16’s. It doesn’t do anything for me. And then he was like, “No. Come on.” and that’s what happened.

Morlocks: Okay, Ramzy286 asks this: who do you consider to be iller than you?

Joe Budden: Well, I’ll change that question to who I consider to be just as ill or iller. Of course, you got your usual suspects of Em and Jay and Nas.

Morlocks: Eminem five years ago, or seven years ago?

Joe Budden: Y’all know that if Em feels like it, he’ll write some s**t. Who else?

Morlocks: Did you say 50?

Joe Budden: I didn’t say 50. I’m a big 50 fan. I think that 50 can do a lot of things better than a lot of people. I’m not gonna say that he’s the best lyricist in the world. I’m not gonna say that. I’m a big Sigel fan, [Jadakiss], who else? There just ain’t too many n***as that’s just ill anymore. Common is ill. I like Kanye. I like Mos. And after that, – yeah. That’s pretty much where my list will stop.

Morlocks: MrIrreverent asks: Do you have beef with Grafh?

Joe Budden: No.

Morlocks: Why did you diss him?

Joe Budden: I didn’t diss Grafh. I said what happened. N***as was runnin’ around sayin’ I was tryin’ to sound like Grafh. And I was signed way before Grafh. Common sense will answer a lot of these. I don’t think it was a diss.

Morlocks: How do you feel about the comparisons to Canibus? Do you think that’s fair?

Joe Budden: No. And I resent it. Why?

Joe Budden: ‘Cause Canibus fell off like a Big Mac topping. Canibus is not the same Canibus that I once ran to the mixtape store to go and get and support. He sounds like s**t right this very second. And Canibus can’t make a song to save his life. And Canibus is not marketable. Why am I bein’ compared to Canibus? And don’t get it f**ked up. I was the biggest Canibus fan in the universe, but nah. I don’t think that that’s a fair comparison.

Morlocks: What’s the situation with the— Wait a minute. Wait. Wait. You skipped the Gloria Velez— Yeah. I skipped that one.

Male Speaker: I’m not sayin’ you gotta—

Joe Budden: [Mr. Criminal asked] Did Gloria Velez give me herpes? Gloria Velez didn’t give me herpes, or anyone else herpes, and regardless of how many people she may have slept with – I’m not saying that I know, but it’s rumored that she sleeps with a lot of people – she takes very good care of her v#####.

Morlocks: Okay, what producers are on the album?

Joe Budden: There’s no way I could answer that. I work with a different producer every single day, and I have not handed in my album, so I don’t know what’s gonna make it. I don’t know what’s not gonna make it. Well, I do know what’s not gonna make it—well, some of ‘em anyway, but Stack Bundles just asked me today what’s goin’ on with my s###, and I sarcastically told him that I’m tryin’ to be out before Christmas of ’06. Were you and Just Blaze cool, or not?

Joe Budden: Nah. Me and Just are real cool.

Morlocks: Snidely asks: “Ask him why I never heard a track from him, and why I would want to?”

Joe Budden: Tell him to suck my d*ck. No h### or whatever that stupid game is. Some of them guys on there are very young and immature, but I guess that’s supposed to happen when you’re on the Internet. I got in a couple of e-beefs with a couple of those guys. Yeah?

Joe Budden: Where I threatened to come to their house and tear they f**kin’ neck off, but that’s ‘cause I didn’t have anything better to do at the time.

Morlocks: Okay, XXclipsXX asks: what does he honestly think this music s**t has in store for him?

Joe Budden: S**t. If I was in this music s**t for me, I would’ve stopped this s**t a long time ago. Hopefully, it’ll make sure little Tre has a way better upbringing than I did, not to say that my upbringing was all that bad.

Morlocks: Fudge asked: What’s your relationship with Jay-Z?

Joe Budden: That one I couldn’t answer, either. Hov is all right with me. Is it because some believe you upstaged him on the “Pump It Up” remix?

Joe Budden: People be sayin’ that. I would hope not. Hov, to me, is the best rapper on the universe, so even though him bein’ the President of Def Jam, it may change how I look at him as a businessman or a person, he’s still gonna be the best rapper in the universe in my eyes.

Morlocks: Deeznutz asked: Why haven’t you done a track with Redman yet?

Joe Budden: I love Redman, and I’m a big fan of Redman. Anyone that’s ever been around Redman, knows that Redman is normally high, and he’s normally on another planet. Not to say that is a bad thing, but I don’t—I’m normally sober. It’s just—really just two totally different worlds. I would love for it to happen, and it’d be crazy from a lyricist point of view, but I don’t see it happenin’.

Morlocks: OJ LOOPZ asked: What exactly are the A&R’s saying about you that is unmarketable? Do you agree with them? Are they just coppin’ out of pushing you for other reasons?

Joe Budden: Well, I’m not gonna say that I’m not marketable. I f**k some pretty bad b######, as ignorant as that may sound. I’m not gonna say I’m not marketable. They can’t really say I don’t have too much charisma. I held down the Hot 97 morning show for a good four or five months. You can’t do that and be boring at the same time. I’m not gonna say that I agree with—I don’t even understand that one. No. I do understand. I do understand. I know exactly what it is. I take that back. It’s because rapper comes with they’re poppin’ bottles, they’re buyin’ the bar out, they’re standin’ on top of the couch, ten chains on, bunch of bracelets, watches, a bunch of s**t that I just don’t do, ‘cause I refuse to do it.

Morlocks: OJ LOOPZ also asked: How do you feel about payola?

Joe Budden: I don’t know of it to be happening. I think that it should happen more often. I love it. That’s probably totally the wrong thing to say, but—nah. I’m serious though. If DJs are takin’ money—they’re takin’ money to play records, great.

Morlocks: Acebooncoom asked: Who’s your dream collaboration?

Joe Budden: Yeah. Hov. Yeah. I’m itchin’—I am itchin’ for—to do a track with Mr. Carter.

Morlocks: What non Hip-Hop artists are you inspired by?

Joe Budden: I’m inspired by Bill Withers and f**kin’ Queen, and other s**t.

Morlocks: Last one. On your recent song, “Dumb Out”, you threw a jab at Lloyd Banks. Do you plan to continue your assault?

Joe Budden: Not at all. I have no problem with G-Unit or anyone else, and I only said that because he sent a jab at me on his f**kin’—“The Big Withdrawal” bootleg that he left in that girl’s car that she sold for $50,000. If he does it again—if a n***a comes at me, I’m comin’ at him, but I’m done comin’ at him. That was it. I spoke my piece on it, and I’m done. He puts out a record, I’m gonna listen to it. Whatever. I don’t have any beef with anybody until they say my name. Then I’m gonna say whatever I got to say, and I’m done with it.

Morlocks: Alright, that’s it. Thanks Joe.

Joe Budden: Let me just end this by saying I love AllHipHop.