AHH Movie Review: 21 & Over

Debauchery, utter foolishness, over the top outrageousness, yes it’s all there in the fun new film by Relativity Media, 21 & Over. Written by the same individuals who wrote The Hangover, 21 & Over is a tale is a tale about young college student named Jeff Chang (strangely referred to by his full name every… Read more »


Lil'Kim, Miley Cryrus and Tiffany Foxx

Tiffany Foxx & Lil Kim get a surprise visit from Miley Cyrus at Video Shoot

Tiffany Foxx, protege of Lil Kim, had a star studded video shoot for her song “Twisted” featuring Llil Kim.  Miley Cyrus came through the set to an ecstatic Tiffany Foxx after meeting, of all places, on Twitter! Miley started following Tiffany on Twitter last month and tweeted her a few times, they begin DMing each other and… Read more »


Game x Soulja Boy x Konsole Kings

Game and Soulja Boy Featured in Konsole Kingz Xbox Live Avatar Store

The Konsole Kingz have announced an online boutique for XBox’s Avatar Store dubbed “Ultrafresh,” the first authentic Hip-Hop store on Xbox LIVE. The Ultrafresh boutique has Soulja Boy’s S.O.D. chain, a suit from rapper Game, and the TableTurns FLuD watch which captures the art of the DJ and Hip-Hop for all the XBox gamers looking to get fresh… Read more »



Daily Word: Stay High!!

TO HEAR THE AUDIO VERSION OF THE DAILY WORD **CLICK HERE    Happy Wins-Day my victors of life! Welcome to the day that you realize that nothing can stop you! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to keeping your momentum and staying high! Fact: It takes the same exact energy to think small than it does… Read more »



Tech Review: Zipbuds CHOICE Headphones

I love my music the same way a stern parent lays down the law on their child, “Loud & Clear”.  By the end of this review, you’ll know whether or not Zipbuds’ CHOICE, a premium tangle-free headphone is worth the hype. If you’re not familiar with the brand, Zipbuds are well known for their stylish,… Read more »