Looksee Illuminated Boxes Protect Kicks, Showcase Sneaker Gems


Ever tried to neatly fit your sneakers into the closet, but you just have too many? Or maybe they just dont stack up just right when you try to neatly put them in their place. Sneakerheads, you have now found your solution and its actually pretty dope. Sometimes boxes break down with wear and tear, so now real sneakerheads have their solution. Enter _LookSee_ Illuminated Boxes.

Before it was either A) you put them in boxes and maintain their look or B) they are put in order where you can easily access them. But the problem with leaving sneaks outside the box is that the white plastic ages and other parts of the shoe eventually fade.

The _LookSee_ display is currently available for pre-order and will be available for purchase online starting September 15, 2015. The LookSee displays will be available in two sizes and designs, The Grand and The Petit.

As a by-product of EcoGreen Lights, _LookSee_ display will be available on its website. To get more information about product details check out the info here: _LookSee_ Boxes