Daily Word: Do It Better!!!

Happy Tuesday, my overachievers! Welcome to the last day of January, but the first day of the rest of your life! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to getting better! What makes life worth living is the ability everyday to do it better than you did yesterday. No matter how good or bad you have it,… Read more »



Daily Word: Be Ready!!!

Happy Friday!! Welcome to the most exciting day of the week!! The day that allows you to start fresh once you wake up….. Yup, not Friday, but every single day!! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to being ready!! Life will give you exactly what you ask for! Whatever you expect is what you will get!!… Read more »



Daily Word: Plant The Seed!!

Great Day, my Great People! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to planting seeds! If you ever surveyed truly successful people, I guarantee that most of them would have a similar story. They will tell you that they knew what they wanted, but how they got it just came. They will explain that most of their… Read more »



Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Team Up with Simon Cowell To Launch New DJ Competition

Billboard is reporting that Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith are partnering up with Sony Pictures Television and “American Idol” creator, Simon Cowell, to launch a reality-based competition show to discover and crown the world’s next great DJ. Cowell’s Syco Entertainment announced the partnership today (January 25) with the Smiths’ Overbrook Entertainment to develop the live show that will… Read more »


Big Boy

Big Boy Promotes New Film With “Exit Strategy” Of His Own

On February 10, the Michael Whitton-directed, independent urban-comedy, Exit Strategy, will hit theaters in limited release. The film – starring Kevin Hart, L.A.’s Power 106FM radio personality Big Boy, Jameel Saleem, “QDeezy” Harris, and Kimelia Weathers – is a “laugh-out-loud, un-romantic comedy” being released by Ask Around Entertainment just in time for Valentine’s Day. One of the film’s… Read more »



Daily Word: Aim for Happy!!!

Happy Tuesday, my Talented and Tenacious! Welcome to another day and another opportunity to get it right! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to being happy! I don’t care what you thought your purpose was or what you thought life was about, but the truth is that we are all searching to be happy! Whether it… Read more »



Daily Word: Don’t Take It Personal!!!

Happy Monday, my Glorious Great Ones! Welcome to the best week of the rest of your life! What’s done is done, and what’s to come is yet to be seen! Take control of Today, because that is the only thing you know for sure. Today’s Daily Word is dedicated the opinions, thoughts, and criticism of… Read more »



Bill Cosby: America’s Favorite Outspoken Dad On Not Being Asked To Be Born

Only a handful of notables can be considered kings or queens of their industry. Dr. William “Bill” H. Cosby, Jr. certainly is considered royal status. His remarkable works, including his stint as the most famous dad in television history on “The Cosby Show,”  have captured the hearts and minds of people across the globe. Cosby is a man who has… Read more »



Daily Word: It’s Already Yours!!!

TGI….Everyday, my Destined, Determined, Blessed, and Highly Favored!! Welcome to the best day of the rest of your life!! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to being who you want to be NOW! Many of us, while setting our goals, set them with this futuristic person in mind! We tell ourselves that when we accomplish this… Read more »



Alice Is Back! – “Resident Evil: Retribution 3D” Teaser Trailer Arrives

The fifth film in the Resident Evil franchise has just received its first teaser trailer. Resident Evil: Retribution 3D stars Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Sienna Guillory, and Kevin Durand, and was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson who also directed the first and fourth entries: Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Afterlife. The film will also feature fan favorites from the… Read more »



Daily Word: No More Chasing…

Happy Take-Over Thursday!! Welcome to the day where you continue to takeover your dreams and turn them into reality! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to not chasing money! We all believe that money is what we are after! We all believe that if we had more money, then our situations would change drastically! The truth… Read more »



Trailer For “Exit Strategy,” Starring Big Boy And Kevin Hart, Hits The ‘Net

The official trailer for the upcoming independent comedy Exit Strategy has been released. The film, which stars radio personality Big Boy, Kevin Hart, Jameel Saleem, Kimelia Weathers, and “Q-Deezy” Harris tells the “un-romantic” story about a man trying to break up with the girlfriend who he recently moved in with. The film’s official plot synopsis is… Read more »



Swatch Releases Gents Originals “Olympic Games” Collection Watches

Switzerland based watch maker Swatch has announced a new collection of sports-inspired watches, the Gents Originals – Olympic Games Collection. Swatch said the watches were created with “one eye on fashion and the other on the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games.” They added that the wristwear will “merge pro-sport aesthetics and a classic London design. “The… Read more »



Daily Word: Stop Being Censored!!

Happy Wins-Day, my Outgoing and Outspoken! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to not being silenced! For those who are not aware, there are two proposed controversial anti-piracy bills that are being voted on today in Congress called The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its Senate companion, the Protect IP Act (PIPA). The bills would… Read more »



Daily Word: Never Compromise!!

Happy Tuesday, my Glorious Great Ones! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to not compromising yourself! You have dreams! You have desires! You know exactly how you want your life to be! Sometimes while on the road to achieving our goals, we are presented with options that are not exactly what we want! We contemplate and… Read more »


Jill Scott, Common and Raekwon

Stars Attend BET Honors After Party In Washington, DC

A variety of stores gathered Saturday evening (January 15) in Washington DC, to celebrate the BET Honors. Hennessey hosted the “Hennessey Vs BET Honors After Party” at The Park on Fourteenth and at The National Portrait Gallery. Celebrities like Common, Aretha Franklin, Raekwon, Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, India Aire and DJ D-Nice, all came out… Read more »



Daily Word: Stop Being Realistic!!!

Happy Thursday, my Talented Trailblazers!! Welcome to another opportunity to make it better! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to not being realistic! Reality is not a fact, it’s an opinion! If your reality says that life is difficult, then life is difficult! If your reality says that life is abundant, then life is abundant! The… Read more »



Daily Word: Stop Doubting Yourself!!!

Happy Wins-Day, my unstoppable great ones! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to self-doubt! No matter how hard you try, or how much effort you give, be rest assured that people are going to question what you do! They will doubt you, count you out, and act as if you are going in the wrong direction!… Read more »



Justin Timberlake Announces MySpace TV At 2012 International CES Tradeshow

At this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is currently taking place in Las Vegas, singer/actor Justin Timberlake, co-owner of MySpace, announced the company’s plan to release MySpace TV in an exclusive deal with Panasonic: “We’re ready to take television and entertainment to the next step by upgrading it to the social networking experience…. Read more »


15th Annual Demp Week

Hip-Hop’s Elite Celebrate 15th Annual Demp Week

DJ DEMP, Flo Rida and Flo’s International Music Group/Strong Arm Management hosted several DEMP Week events. Rappers like Flo Rida, Trina, Bobby V, Lil Scrappy, Brisco, Model & Creator of KA’OIR Cosmetics Keyshia Dior, Royce Reed, Asante Samuel, Hot Sauce, Poe Boy/Atlantic Records Artist Brianna and a host of others celebrated the 15th Anniversary of… Read more »



Daily Word: Stop Following Blindly!!!

Happy Tuesday, my Dons and Divas!! Welcome to the best day of the rest of your life!!! Remember… Everyday should be the best day of the rest of your life!! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to following blindly! No matter how much you try to be an individual, there will always be someone who thinks… Read more »



Daily Word: Stop Talking!!!

Happy Monday, my blessed and highly favored! Welcome to the second week of the best year of your life! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to taking action! So, it’s officially time to stop saying Happy New Year!! It’s officially time to stop saying what you’re going to do and how much this year is your… Read more »


Daily Word

Daily Word: Know Thy Worth!!

TGI….Everyday!! Welcome to the end of a great beginning! As we wrap up the first week of what’s going to be the best year of your life, we are dedicating today’s Daily Word to knowing your worth! It is absolutely impossible to truly get what you deserve out of life if you don’t know or… Read more »



Daily Word: NO Is Not An Answer!!!

Happy Thursday, my destined and determined!!! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to not taking no for an answer! Those who really want something, make it happen. Those who don’t, make excuses! This year, as we go towards our goals with everything we have, we… Read more »



Daily Word: Have Urgency!!

Happy Wins-Day, my Victorious Great Ones!! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to your sense of urgency!! I know today is “Only” the 4th day of the new year, and I know you feel like you have the whole year in front of you but you don’t!! Tomorrow is not promised! Tomorrow does not exist!! Tomorrow… Read more »



Daily Word: Plan Purposefully!!

Happy Tuesday, my planners and doers! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to planning purposefully! As we continue our momentum towards the best year of our lives, we must understand that action without a plan is simply passing the time! DO NOT….. I REPEAT….. DO NOT get into the habit of doing things just for the… Read more »



Daily Word: Make The Commitment!!!

Happy Monday, my soldiers and survivors! Welcome to the official first day of 2012! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to making the commitment! No disrespect to any who made resolutions this year, but as we all know, resolutions usually only last for the first two weeks! After that, most people wind up reverting back to… Read more »



Daily Word: Goodbye Mediocrity!!

Super Saturday, my warriors of Strength!! We are down to the last 14 hours and 15 minutes of 2011! 2012 is right around the corner, so ready or not, it’s time to get busy!! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to saying goodbye to mediocrity!! You are great! You are powerful beyond measure! Nothing can stop… Read more »



Daily Word: Wash Away Worry!!!

Happy Friday, my movers, shakers, and talented taste-makers!! Welcome to the final 36 or so hours of 2011! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to washing away worry! In 2012, I need you to remember five words……”It is What It is!!!!” If you can change it, then change it! If you can’t, then there is no… Read more »



Daily Word: Remove The Shade!!!

Happy Thursday, my Great People! Welcome to the last 2 days and roughly 11 hours and 35 minutes of 2011! As we continue to countdown to 2012, we are dedicating today’s Daily Word to removing the shade out of your life! When I say removing the shade, I’m talking about those sneaky, shady people who… Read more »



Daily Word: Give Up Fear!!!

Wonderful Wins-Day, my Fearless Doers and Achievers! Welcome to the last 3 days, 10 hours, 34 minutes, and 29 seconds of 2011. As we continue to countdown to 2012, we are dedicating today’s Daily Word to Conquering Fear!! I don’t care what you need to do or what needs to happen, but fear CANNOT come… Read more »



Daily Word: No More Envy!!!

Terrific Tuesday, my Tenacious Trailblazers!! Welcome to the last 4 days, 9 hours, 21 minutes, and 25 seconds of 2011! As we continue to countdown to 2012, we are dedicating today’s Daily Word to being Envious!! Envy and Jealousy at all cost need to be left behind no matter what!! These two acts are the… Read more »



Movie Review: “Pariah” (Written and Directed by Dee Rees)

It is tempting to call Pariah this year’s Precious, since both movies have three major things in common: great acting, great directing, and an enormous amount of critical acclaim. Pariah, however, exercises much more restraint than Precious, especially when it comes to cultural or thematic stereotypes. These stereotypes tend to develop in both films unfortunately, due to the fact they are set… Read more »



Daily Word: Have No Regrets!!!

@font-face { font-family: “Cambria”; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: “Times New Roman”; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } Great Morning, my Great people!! Welcome to the last 5 days, 10 hours, 8 minutes, and 6 seconds of 2011. As we countdown the rest of the year, we are dedicating the… Read more »



Daily Word: Stop Settling!!!

Happy Friday, my fearless creatures of excellence! Welcome to the end of a powerful week! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to not settling for less! You are great!! You are powerful beyond measure!! You are brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous, and can do anything you put your mind to!! Despite this fact the world is doing… Read more »



Daily Word: Only If You Believe!!

Happy Thursday, my creatures of greatness! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to your belief system! Life is bad, difficult, awful, and a waste of time!! Yes!! If that’s what you believe! Life is easy, enjoyable, exciting, and worth every second!! Yes!!…if that’s your thought process!! Your dreams are impossible, improbable, and non-attainable!! Yup!! If you… Read more »