Check Out This Lego Cam'Ron by Young Lenox


Hip Hop has no specific age, and this 8-year old artist Young Lenox shows his love for the genre through his pieces of art. Recently, Lenox did another dope piece recently, this time making a reincarnation of rapper, Cam’Ron. The lego piece is over 4 feet, and shows an image of the rapper in his pink get-up. You can check the photo below, but peep his Instagram as well for more interesting artwork by Young Lenox.

via: XXL

We can finally announce that there will be a feature length Yung Lenox documentary coming in the next year. Thank you to everyone that has helped and supported this project. Stay tuned for lots more info about the film in the coming months. And yes, that is 4 and a half foot Lego Cam'ron in case that caught your eye.

A photo posted by @yunglenox on