Suge Knight Ordered To Pay

Suge Knight’s Death Row Records was ordered to pay $162,000 to a man that claimed Knight and a crew of bodyguards attacked him at a recording studio three years ago.The verdict was issued last Tuesday by a Jury in Los Angeles that did not hold Knight personally liable for the attack, but ruled that Death… Read more »



Diddy To Challenge Kerry And Bush On New MTV Show

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs is creating a show for MTV that will air this summer, with people directing questions towards presidential candidates John Kerry and George W. Bush. The show, tentatively titled "Project Change," differs from MTV shows in the past due to the more aggressive line of questioning and according to Combs, the questions… Read more »



Local Rapper Arrested For Threatening Lyrics

A rapper in Cleveland, Ohio was indicted last week after leaving what authorities allege were threatening CD’s on car windshields in a local high school’s parking lot in January. Kevin Beebe, 19, of Jefferson, left CD’s with just an email address on car windshields. Authorities allege the lyrics on the CD’s contained violent language, references… Read more »



Foxy Brown Launching Fur Collection

The Hip-Hop masses have clamored about rhymestress Foxy Brown and her whereabouts. Now, the Brooklyn rapper will introduce a custom line of furs and possibly an accessory line called Champaign and Ice. Partnering with Alexis & Ganni for the collection, the exotic line will include pieces include mink and chinchilla, with prices ranging from $2000… Read more »



Ice-T Producing David Hasselhoff Rap Album

Hard-core rapper Ice-T is grooming a new rapper, one that he says will astonish the rap world with his skills – David Hasselhoff. Ice-T recently revealed that he and Hasselhoff, star of 80’s action television show “Knight Rider” and the worldwide hit “Bay Watch” are working on a rap album. After striking up a friendship… Read more »



Mobb Deep Move Forward To Future

As Mobb Deep prepares to release their highly anticipated seventh album Amerika’z Nightmare, the group already has their eyes set to the future. "I’m working on my solo album as soon as I get a chance to," group member Havoc told “I’ll experiment a little bit more alone because it’s just me and my… Read more »



50 Cent Gets His Own Race Car

50 Cent is backing race car driver Steve Hobday, who will drive the 50 Cent race car at Days of Thunder, the UK’s equivalent to the United States’ NASCAR. The rapper will square off against rock group Darkness’ Team Darkness driver Shaun Richardson. 50 Cent headlines his only outdoor concert in the UK this year… Read more »



DJ Muggs Makes Hip-Hop Mash-Ups

DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill will be producing an untitled CD that melds Hip-Hop with rock-n-roll, a style called Mash-Ups. A Mash-Up, an English/ Jamaican term, blends two seemingly dissimilar music types into one that is designed to outshine each original. With blends like 50 Cent and Nirvana, the veteran West Coast producer told… Read more »



John Singleton Taps Ludacris For “Hustle & Flow”

Next month in Memphis Tennessee, rapper Ludacris will start filming a new movie called “Hustle & Flow,” which is produced by Oscar-nominated filmmaker John Singleton.Singleton expressed excitement about his new movie, which stars Terrence Howard (“Big Momma’s House”) as a pimp who has a unique problem stemming from the fast life.Singleton revealed to “It’s… Read more »



Diplomat’s Freekey Zeekey Locked Up

Diplomat Records President Freekey Zeekey is well known for disappearing for weeks on end, keeping only his Dip-Set brethren aware of his whereabouts. Again, Zeeky is missing from the Dip-Set limelight, this time due to a relatively new incarceration. Sources say, after Zeekey was shot twice in an April 2003 incident where associate Eric Mangrum… Read more »



Andre 3000 Snags Starring Role In New Film

Outkast member Andre 3000 will start production and star in a movie tentatively titled the "Untitled Andre Benjamin Project," an effort with Element Films. The rapper is currently negotiating with two-time Emmy Award winning Director Paris Barclay, who is responsible for "NYPD Blue" and "City of Angels." The movie is set in the mid-1970’s and… Read more »