Rapper Mia X Becomes Professor X For College Students

Mia X is hoping to change the way young people view hip-hop.

(AllHipHop News) Shout out to all the OGs who are making an impact and teaching the youth about the fundamentals of hip-hop.

The first female rapper on No Limit Records Mia X plans to give back in a major way.

Mia X, real name Mia Young, is best known for her come up, breaking down the gender barriers of the hip-hop industry and proving females can spit as hard as the men.

Now has a new identity: Professor X.

Under the new moniker, she will be teaching rap at the Loyola University School of Music Industry in New Orleans.

Mia was brought on board to strengthen the program, though a partnership with chief instructor Lovell “U-P” Cooper.

While she’s used to traveling around the globe playing sold-out shows, this will be the first time she’s performing in front of college students.

“Most of these children were born between 1999 and 2002. I wasn’t even making records when they were born. I was finished making records,” Mia X told Nola.com. “They did not come up in my era. They did not come up when my music was popular. These children — I call them children because I look at them like my babies — I told them I was their mama the first day I came into class. Even though they are young men, they are definitely babies in this hip-hop game. They are just getting their feet wet.”

At this point, all the students in the class are comprised of males, which she hopes to change soon.

She hopes to transform the way audiences view rap as a genre and art form, and not just entertainment.