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Film Review GhettoPhysics: Will the Real Pimp’s and Ho’s Please Stand Up!

It’s a story that’s been told time and time again, that corporate America is filled with “pimps” and “gangsters” exploiting and systematically destroying the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Middle and Urban America. Well, conspiracy theorists, rejoice! This film might just prove what you wise sages have known all the time. GhettoPhysics: Will the Real… Read more »



BET Hip Hop Awards 2010: Red Carpet

On Oct. 2nd, Hip-Hop’s industry elite from across the country descended on Atlanta’s Civic Center for the 2010 edition of BET’s Hip Hop Awards. But before the actual TV taping, a select number of current chart-toppers, legends, standout rookies, and ATL royalty graced the renamed “black carpet.” The artists mingled for well over two hours, giving ample time for discussion on… Read more »



ChartWatch: The Same Ol’ Stuff With More Underground Dropping

ChartWatch for September 22, 2010First up on the countdown is Linkin Park.  They kind of rap…sometimes…well not anymore….but they did have that Reanimation album from 2003.  Plus they did that album with Jay-Z.  All that aside the California band drops their fourth studio album, A Thousand Suns, and takes the number one spot selling 253,685… Read more »