ChartWatch: Eminem Bumped, Rick Ross Holds and Drake Pushes Plat

ChartWatch for August 04, 2010 There are three things that I learned this week.  1) Even though it ain’t Hip Hop the Inception soundtrack is incredible.  It’s only a matter of time before an MC raps all over it.  Let’s just hope they’re good like Jay Electronica on Act 1 and not bad like…ummm, I […]

ChartWatch for August 04, 2010

There are three things that I learned this week.  1) Even though it ain’t Hip Hop the Inception soundtrack

is incredible.  It’s only a matter of

time before an MC raps all over it. 

Let’s just hope they’re good like Jay Electronica on Act 1 and not bad like…ummm, I don’t

know.  Name a bad rapper.  There’s a lot to pick from.   I got one! 

Flo Rida presents ….the Floception. 

2) Antoine Dodson somehow made an attempted rape funny, but this is the funniest it,

and he, will ever be.  It’s all downhill

from here.  There can be nothing funnier

than that remix clip and now the public will lose interest quicker than Jaleel

White can say “Did I do that?”  Finally,

3) At the rate Eminem is going he will one day be able to print his own money.  Even though he’s been ruling the charts for

the last 5 weeks the Detroit MC takes a dip and lands, this week, at number

two.  His seventh studio album, Recovery, moves another 156,677 copies

bringing its totals to 1,847,211.  At

this rate the album might hit double platinum after being out only 2 months.

Em is followed by Rick Ross who’s fourth studio album, Teflon Don, holds the number 3 spot.  This week the Miami rapper sells 65,000,

which is a drop from last week, but brings his total sales to 241,000.

Drake’s Thank Me Later also appears to be stalling out

sales-wise.  The well received album puts

up 32,040 this week, claims the fifth spot, and brings the Canadian rapper’s

total sales for his debut to 927,564. 

The Black Eyed Peas must have extended their agreement with

the illuminati (just joking) because their already popular album jumps from the

22nd spot to number twelve. 

This week the group’s fifth studio album The E.N.D makes the jump by moving 17,097 copies.  So far The

E.N.D has sold 2,686,977 copies and the groups is already scheduled to

release another album tentatively entitled The

Beginning.  The Black Eyed Peas are

usually this column’s punching bag but success is success.  Still not my thing but if you like them,

listen to them.  (By the way, to that guy

that is flooding the internet with Hip Hop Illuminati videos…what are the

qualifications to get in?  Because you

have everyone from Omarion to Jay-Z in the club.  Is it really still a secret?  If Omarion can get in…can’t anyone can get

in?  Really?  Do they have dental because this health care

bill isn’t kicking in fast enough for me? 

Let me know.)

Next up is Tech N9ne with his latest The Gates Mixed Plate.  This

is the albums first week on the charts and it takes the 14th spot by

selling 16,980 copies.

B.o.B had a free concert (streamed on line by this very site

and others) in Atlanta last week and this week sales of the Atlanta rappers

debut album went up.  Coincidence?  I think not. 

The Adventures of Bobby Ray

jumps from 28 to 20 and sells 12,946 copies. 

This brings B.o.B’s total sales to 311,343.  Although it hasn’t put up big sales numbers

each week this album hasn’t fallen off of the top fifty since its April

release.  Not bad for the ATL MC.

Big Boi falls from 17 to 25 with his solo debut Sir Luscious Leftfoot The Son of Chico Dusty.  That might all change for next week now that

an official video has been released for Shutterbug.  (Look here.  Outkast always has an interesting video and

even if you don’t think it’s that interesting there is always…ALWAYS…a nice

looking woman in there somewhere).    Big

Boi moves another 12,272 copies of his solo debut bringing his total to

113,815.  All right, Def Jam…we got a

video…I take back what I said about you last week.

Joey Crack a.k.a Fat Joe enters the charts with his tenth

solo album, The Darkside vol. 1.  Joe holds the 30th position and

moves 11,180 copies.  Want to hear what

50 Cent has to say about it.  Probably

not….but just in case you did, here

you go.  Ok, 50…it was funny…now can

we get an album? (Editor’s Note: 50 claimed Joe moved 5,000 units.)

I don’t usually include R&B acts in the column but

someone has got to help Sisqo and crew pay the mortgage.  Dru Hill enters the charts with Indrupendence

Day (WTF?) and takes the 34th spot by selling 10,339 copies.  Now, I did like Dru Hill back in the day so

someone tell me if this is worth picking up. 

Someone with reason let me know. 

Not you true fans that think everything they put out is a classic.

Dru Hill fan: You heard that new Dru Hill?

Me: [laughs] No….wait….you’re serious?  Ok…I’ll give it a listen.  I use to like Dru Hill. 

Dru Hill Fan:  It’s a

classic.  It’s up there with What’s Going On and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Me:  Huh….what?  I phased out when you compared an album with

Sisqo on it to any album with Marvin Gaye

Dru Hill fan: See…you’re a hater.  You know what you’re problem is?!  You don’t know good music!!  You just sit there and critique.  You couldn’t make good music if—hey! Where

you going?  You just gonna walk off?!

…..and scene.

Finally (I hate to see it because the writings on the wall)

The Roots claim the number 50 spot with How

I Got Over.  We count the top 50 over

here so it looks like they won’t be in the column next week.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of Rising Down but I really like this

album.  This week the Philly group moves

another 7,182 copies bringing the album’s total sales to 107,158.  “Look how they got me on the Def Jam payment

plan” – Black Thought.

Dropping This Week

First up this week in dropping is none other than Port

Authur, Texas’ own Bun B.  The UGK MC

drops his third solo album Trill O.G. 

The new album features Drake, Trey Songz, Young Jeezy, Tupac, Pimp C, Yo

Gotti, Slim Thug, Letoya Luckett, T-Pain, Gucci Mane, and Twista.  Production is handled by Steve Below,

J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, DJ Premier, Play-N-Skillz, and Drumma Boy.  AllHipHop spoke with Bun B about the new

album about a week ago.  Wanna read it?

Here it go. Click

here.  (Pay no attention to the fact

that I wrote it in this shameless promotion of myself.)

El-P drops another one this week.  This is the New York MC’s third album coming

almost 3 years after I’ll Sleep When

You’re Dead.  Those not familiar with

El-P should know that he was once a member of Company Flow and also went on to

found one of the most influential underground record labels, Definitive

Jux.  El-P scaled back the label in

February to work on more music and now he releases


This is a completely instrumental album from El-P, who is known just as

much for his production work as mic skills.  

Fans of El-P shouldn’t be disappointed with this one.  I’ll be picking one up.

Going back to Texas, Lil Keke releases The Don Ke Chronicles, an album featuring Paul Wall,

Chamillionaire, Trae, The Screwed Up Click, Dallas Blocker, Fat Pat, 8Ball, Lil

O, Big Pokey, E.S.G, Lil Flip, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Chris Ward, and CMG.  This is like a whose who of Houston rappers

so if you’re a fan of Lil Keke then pick it up.

How many solo albums does Pastor Troy have?  Starting this week the number is 21.  The Atlanta rapper has released four this

year alone, including G.I. Troy –

Strictly 4 My Soldiers, Zero

Tolerance, Attitude Adjuster 2,

and now, King of all Kings.  If you’re a Pastor Troy fans odds are you

probably already knew this was coming out. 

Not a fan?  You might want to give

it a listen.  You don’t put our 20 albums

if you’re not doing something right.

That’s it for the charts. 

We’ll see what the numbers look like next week.   (PS.  To

those on the internet that warn about the Illuminati.  I was just joking.  Don’t call. 

Don’t write.  I get it.  There’s a plan.  It’s big. 

I don’t know it.  Nobody knows

it.  Only you  It involves

Jay-Z, Oprah, and Bill Gates.  I don’t

care.  Whatever they’re planning can’t be

that bad.  I like most Jay-Z albums,

Windows 7 is awesome, and Oprah…ok, Oprah might be dangerous.  She controls waaaaaay too much.) know it.

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