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REVIEW: Rakim – The Seventh Seal

“Rappers cross-over. They dead.” Rakim returns to testify that he is a man alive with work to do on The Seventh Seal, his new album released on his own Ra Records label. Always a man of uncompromising vision, non-believers are presented with Ra’s modern Hip-Hop gospel soaked in Godspeak. Sometimes obscure but never unobtainable, this… Read more »



AllHipHop ChartWatch: Rakim Cometh! Jay-Z & BEP Hold It Down! MJ Makes SoundScan Change Up!

ChartWatch for November 18, 2009  Here is something interesting. Michael Jackson has caused SoundScan to make some changes in how they report album sales. With the renewed success of Thriller and his Greatest Hits album, older catalog release will be included in the new releases. So, as the highest selling artist of 2009, Taylor Swift… Read more »



AllHipHop ChartWatch: Jay-Z Is IT!! Wale & MF Doom Approach The Charts!

ChartWatch for November 11, 2009Let’s see here.  Top ten for the week.  There….is…no…Hip-Hop…in…the…top…ten.  Not one album.  The highest rated album is Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 which is ranked at the 13th position.  Sean Carter manages to move another 36,000 copies. That’s followed by The Black Eyed Peas and their chart topping album The E.N.D.  The group… Read more »



Play-N-Skillz 3rd Annual Halloween Bash Review

Over the weekend producers Play-N-Skillz hosted their 3rd annual Halloween Bash at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX.   The extravaganza was a “Superheros, Actors and Entertainers” themed party and featured several big name guests including rapper Slim Thug, video director Dr. Teeth, Angela Simmons, Play-N-Skillz new artist Inertia, rapper Tum Tum and Rich… Read more »



BET Hip-Hop Awards Recap: Gucci Dominates, Epic Cyphers, Hip-Hop Giving Back, Goodie Mob

After the BET Awards’ dedication to Michael Jackson, which was met with mixed reviews, the network went back to the drawing board for the 2009 BET Hip-Hop Awards, held annually in Atlanta. In spite of the obvious skepticism, this year BET put together a surprisingly balanced event showcasing the underground, mainstream, and past stars of… Read more »



A3C Festival Review: From Rakim To Rap Reunions – ATL Gets Rocked

Do you love Hip-Hop, or just a particular style of the genre? Since human beings love to simplify, separate, and categorize things, Hip-Hop music has seen itself fragmented to catch phrases meant to signify the output of entire regions and/or movements. Dirty South. Gangsta rap. Hipster rap. Conscious rap. These are loaded terms in themselves,… Read more »



AllHipHop ChartWatch: Kid Cudi Plays Hardball! Jay-Z Reigns! Drake’s EP Does Well!

September 23, 2009               We are back with the ChartWatch for the week of September 23, 2009.  Hopefully by now everyone has gotten the jokes and photoshopped pictures of Kanye and Lil Mama out of their system.  Let’s get into the charts.             First off, I don’t think it should be a surprise to… Read more »



Raekwon: Only Built for Cuban Linx II (Album Review)

Classics are “lightning in a bottle” occurrences. No matter how great an artist is, a musician can’t simply waltz into the studio and make timeless record after timeless record. A classic LP is the perfect storm, where various factors from technical skill to the artist’s emotional/spiritual state all come together in a perfect marriage of… Read more »



Jay-Z: Blueprint 3 (Review)

Writer’s Note: This review was originally published with an incorrect rating due to an editor mistake. The current article and rating represent the writer’s unaltered, original review and rating. Shawn Carter is a complicated man. Like many of us, he is composed of various and at times conflicting influences since his humble beginnings in Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects…. Read more »



TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE: Floyd Mayweather; Rappers & Boxers

Floyd Mayweather has been keeping loose and relaxed despite the pressure of his September 19 comeback fight against Juan Manuel Marquez. As a part of his ongoing, exclusive interview series with, the controversial undefeated fighter took a quick break from his rigorous training schedule to give his own Top 5 emcees. And as a… Read more »



Fabolous readies “Loso’s Way” for a select crowd in NYC

This week, Def Jam Recording Artist Fabolous held a listening session / movie premiere at an undisclosed location in Manhattan. Media, Executives, Producers and fans alike, packed into the venue to take a glimpse at his fifth studio album, “Loso’s Way”. Due to an early partial leak of the album (let’s get this corrected, please),… Read more »



Books: “The Scratch DJ Academy Guide” (St. Martin’s)

“The emphasis is now on the DJ and his performance as the leader of the dance,” Tony McGuinness, contemplative Trance DJ-turned-scratchonomic-seigneur acknowledges in the chapter, “The Influence of the DJ” of On The Record. “This is an idea that goes back to prehistoric times; there’s always been a figure in society who leads a mass… Read more »



TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE: KRS-One attempted to get KRS-One’s Top 5 Dead or Alive. Like Scarface, KRS-One appears on the lists of several rappers of note. The challenge of getting his Top 5 proved to be more challenging than anybody imagined. Still, journalist Phalary Long managed to extract some of the Blast Master’s favorite artists and why he doesn’t… Read more »