Mixtape Review: Big K.R.I.T’s “4Eva N A Day”


Rating: 9 / 10

Since the release of his mixtape “Krit Was Here”, Big K.R.I.T.’s been one of the premier underground artists to watch. His unique Southern drawl accents a plethora of his talents; his bass-heavy, melodic instrumentals, catchy hooks, and relatable lyrics drive his music in almost every aspect, but even all of that understates the impact he’s had and the loyal following he’s amassed.

From ESPN anchors like Michael Smith and Bomani Jones to Hip-Hop heads and rap connoisseurs alike, K.R.I.T’s music has grown legs to say the very least, and the quality of his music is undeniable. It is with that realization that Krit releases “4Eva N A Day”, the last mixtape to usher us into his debut LP “Live From The Underground”, and although it’s not as impactful as his last two (due to timing, not quality), it’s still by far one of the best projects to drop this year.

In comparison to his previous entries, 4Eva is more of a concept project than a traditional mixtape. The album begins with him waking up, and throughout the songs K.R.I.T. essentially walks us through a “day” of his life. From his reflective mood in the early mornings concerning his passed loved ones in “Yesterday”, to his resolve to achieve greatness in “Boobie Miles”, to riding in his car (“Me & My Old School”, “1986”), to his late night habits explored on the last half of the project, when played as a whole he completes the concept solidly.

Of course, there’s more details to it than that, as K.R.I.T. manages to somehow make all of it sound as authentic as his last few projects, even dropping in personal heartfelt rhymes (most notably in songs like “Red Eye” and “Handwriting”, which deals with his relationship issues concerning his girl and his label, respectively).

The production here is still stellar, and K.R.I.T. continues to diversify his sound, evolving from the generic trunk-rattlers from his early “See Me On Top” mixtape days into making beats that are just as well conceived as his lyrics. The only true flaw here is the thing that makes 4Eva stand out; K.R.I.T. chooses to go this one solo, but he holds his own and it didn’t seem to be a need for a guest appearance to mess up the concept. Although some may think tracks like “1986” are bland, K.R.I.T. more than makes up for that alleged “misstep” as he powers out yet another remarkable mixtape/album that shows just how consistent he is.

K.R.I.T. doesn’t have anything else to prove in the underground circuit after the release of “4Eva N A Day“. All that’s left now is for Mr. Justin Scott to drop the album, right?