Tech Talk: Life In 3D

[Photo: Mitsubishi’s LaserTV]If you‘ve been thinking about getting a surround sound system but realize you really don’t have the space, the Zvox 425 ($700) may be the answer. It’s an all-in-one virtual surround speaker. Features: 5 speakersTwo powered sub woofersPowerful 133-watt amplifierAuto power offProprietary PhaseCue virtual surround sound systemAll in one slim cabinet (36.5”w x… Read more »



The Socialite: You Could Be My Boo (Nothing For You That I Won’t Do)

  How much would you sacrifice for the betterment of your relationship? How much is too much and what should be off limits? Have you already comitted beauicide (boo-aw-side)?   Beauicide is a word that I created to define what happens when personal goals are deferred or completely eliminated, whether by choice or influenced, for… Read more »



Screen Shot: Grand Theft Auto IV

Developer: Rockstar NorthPublisher: Rockstar GamesRelease Date: 4/29/08Console: Xbox 360 (click to purchase) and PS3 (click to purchase)Special Editions also available for Xbox and PS3 with metal safe, Rockstar duffle bag, key chain and exclusive GTAIV art book Niko Bellic is on a mission. After coming to Liberty City from Eastern Europe, Niko learned a few… Read more »



Fitness Files: David Banner

  From the deep trenches of Mississippi, David Banner is known for fire-breathing, gladiator style rhyming that commands excitement. These days you’ll find David Banner definitely looking stronger too.   He now walks with brick for a chest, roadblocks for abs and an air of confidence comparable to a General.   For years now the… Read more »



Game Review: Lost Odyssey

Developer: Mistwalker and Feel PlusPlatform: Xbox 360 (click to purchase) Release date: 2/12/08 Grade: A   Honestly, the souls of most RPG’s are void. Many of us hearken back to the SNES era and think about how well the games, RPG’s in particular, simply felt.   You got attached to the characters; you loved learning… Read more »



Tech Talk: Flip Out

    I’m back with another one and I’m glad you’re back too.  I was able to round a few goodies…I hope you like!   First off, I know just about every cell phone can record video, but I found this line of full functioning digital camcorders from Pure Digital that even fit in your… Read more »



Game Review: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Developer: Sora Publisher: NintendoConsole: Wii  (click to purchase)Release Date: 3/9/08 Rating: A   Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the third game in the Super Smash Bros. series, first developed by HAL Laboratories, and now under the development of Sora Ltd.   The Super Smash Bros series is known for its inclusion of popular Nintendo characters… Read more »



Game Review: Frontlines: Fuel of War

Developer: Kaos Studios Platform :  Xbox (click to purchase), PC (click to purchase) Release Date: 2/25/08 Grade: C   The sounds of war…submachine gun fire, constant explosions erupting all around, men straining their voices barking commands at one another, screaming cries of agonizing pain.  These sounds can only mean one thing in the world of… Read more »



Ladies First: Good Sports!

[Photo: Serena Williams]In the world of professional sports, the accomplishments of women are often overlooked.   I’m sure that if you were to approach a random basketball fan in a sports bar somewhere and ask him about Michael Jordan, he’d be able to give you a full biography: career stats, personal life, and accomplishments in the… Read more »



Hollywood Shuffle: Heroin Better For Chris Rock? Jackass Steve-O is Crazy! Rick Ross’ M.I.YAYO

Yeti here, back for another edition of Hollywood Shuffle. Coming straight outta Los Angeles, we’ve got the hottest news in Hollywood served up with some AllHipHop.com style!   Today we have Chris Rock caught up in some drama, Diddy providing services to the Hollywood elite and “the other” Knowles girl who finally might get her… Read more »



Tech Talk: Computer Love

    Whether its Mac or PC, we love our computers and what we store on them.  I found a couple things to make sure that fire keeps burning   OWC has announced their Mercury Elite-AL Pro Firewire + USB2.  They range from 80 GB ($107.99) to the 1TB ($369.99), and for those of you… Read more »



Sunday Selection: TGT “Sex”

Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank are very emphatic with the notion of releasing an album under the moniker TGT. As a follow-up to their first collaboration “Please Don’t Go – The Remix,” three of R&B’s finest have put together a song called “SEX.” With a title as such, it’s fair to assume the song is rated… Read more »



James DuBose: From Keyshia Cole to Hell Date – If It’s Really Real

  In a new era of television over-saturated with so-called ‘reality’ TV, we often find ourselves questioning many of the shows’ authenticity. Producer James DuBose has unquestionably worked to give us ‘realism’ in reality TV.   DuBose produced the first season of Keyshia Cole’s critically acclaimed show The Way It Is on BET, which was… Read more »



Kym Whitley: Woman’s Work

She played Ice Cube’s freaky “Aunt” Suga in Next Friday. It was her first film role, and she made it memorable. “I licked his neck just to make him laugh, but he didn’t break,” Kym Whitley recounts.   An actress, producer and comedian, Kym Whitley is a native of Ohio and a graduate of Fisk… Read more »



Movie Review: College Road Trip

A cup-full of an exceptionally talented comedian and a dash of an actress who’s been a pro since she was just four-years-old were the exact measurements needed to create College Road Trip.   The flick follows Melanie Porter (Raven-Symone) on her quest for the perfect college along with her overprotective father James Porter (Martin Lawrence)…. Read more »



Knockout Nation: Vazquez Edges Marquez, Guerrero Blasts Litzau, Peter Seeks Redemption

    The old timers used to say that legends are solidified in the championship rounds. In those days fighters could use rounds 10-15 to score a come from behind knockout (ie Marciano-Walcott I), or steal a close decision (ie Ali-Norton III).   Last  Saturday, Israel Vazquez (43-4, 31 KOs) didn’t have the luxury of… Read more »