NFL WEEK 2 Wrap-Up

All Hip-Hop NFL Week 2 Recap   This is the first of weekly NFL recaps.  Sorry there wasn’t one for Week 1, but I was too busy celebrating my San Francisco 49ers win over the Arizona Cardinals.  Besides, that was the past, let’s take a look at Week 2:     Game of the Week:… Read more »



Francois Girbaud: Test Of Time

    The tale is as old as time: never burn your bridges. During a celebration for his new line of denim this summer, the once popular Francois Girbaud lit the match that sparked controversy with some of his biggest supporters – the Hip-Hop community. In comments made to the New York Observer, the fashion mogul all but… Read more »



Lil’ Mo: Pain & Paper

Unless you were in the “know” in the music industry, you were probably surprised that Lil’ Mo had a new album coming out—or you simply lost interest years ago. After years of her legal battles making more headlines than her music, Lil’ Mo has returned with Pain & Paper (Honeychild/Koch). It’s hard not to feel… Read more »



M.I.A.: Kala

It literally took about thirty drummers to get the gigantic sound of the bizarre dance masterpiece “Bird Flu,” and the effort shows. Unlike her debut (which was recorded in a relatively contained and personal fashion) M.I.A.’s Kala (Interscope) traveled the world with her, all the while taking on bits and pieces of India, Liberia, Jamaica… Read more »