5 Things That Will Come Out From Frank Ocean’s Coming Out


I have to give Frank Ocean his props for coming out of the closet and announcing to the world that he’s a gay man. While he’s not a Hip-Hop artist as has been asserted in the mainstream, he’s an affiliate. With that said, he’s a representative of the ever-changing times in urban music and general music. Here are five things that will come out of his coming out:

1) First of all there have been countless rumors of people in the music game – and more specifically Hip-Hop – who have been gay. You know the rumors of everybody from Erick Sermon to Missy Elliot to Queen Latifah to others were mostly shrouded it in mystery. It’s almost like they are regarded as cowards with all the praise that Frank Ocean is getting. I think we’ll see others see his bravery and opt to come out as gay, too.

2) There are the invariable fakers. There are already people out there that are fake gays, and they are going to continue to fake like they are coming out of the closet, when they are really just testing a different entry point into fame, acclaim, and success. Like, this attempt backfired for Lil B the Based God calling his album, I’m Gay. Frank Ocean’s revelation was far more sincere and earnest, even though some are speculating it is also a stunt for a press bump before his album hits later this month.

3) Hip-Hop will be forced to cool off on the homophobia. The fact is, Hip-Hop has had gay people in it for a very, very long time. That is a fact and far truer than people care to admit. But, somehow, unlike the rest of the world, the Urban Music world has been slow to accept homosexuality. Sure, there have been folks like Little Richard and Sylvester back in the day, but recently, gays in R&B and Rap stay tucked away in the closet. Frank Ocean is at the beginning of his career, but you better believe with Jay-Z and Kanye West as homies, along with Odd Future, maf*ckas are going to have to recognize.

4) The fact is, you are going to listen to Frank Ocean differently now that he’s made his reveal. Seriously, listen to “f*ck me good/ f*ck me long/ f*ck me numb.” “Novacane” is clearly about women, but now it will be “heard” in a manner quite disparately.

5) Frank Ocean has officially solidified himself as a star that we’ll never forget. Before his first love being a man, he was a dude with great potential that just happened to have an affinity for attracting megastars. Now, he’s opened himself up to new possibilities and a new crew of supporters. Last, but not least, early listening sessions suggest strongly that his new album, Channel Orange, is nothing less than incredible.

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