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AHH Stray News: Cypress Hill, Juvenile, DMX, Kanye West

Rap group Cypress Hill is being sued in Chicago Federal Court by songwriter Glenn Watts for copyright infringement over a track contained on their platinum-selling sophomore album Black Sunday. Watts penned the song “Is It Because I’m Black,” which was recorded by R&B legend Syl Johnson. The songwriter claims the group illegally infringed on his… Read more »



Warren Sapp Opening HipHopSodaShops In Florida

NFL star Warren Sapp has signed an area development agreement to open a chain of HipHopSodaShops in his home state of Florida. The agreement, signed today (June 21) with HipHopSodaShops creator H3Enterprises, will allow Sapp the opportunity to open the stores throughout Central Florida and Jacksonville. HipHopSodaShops combine Hip-Hop music with Pro-Ball, healthy fast food,… Read more »



Field Mob: Coming Correct

T he gods over at Google must invest in irony, because upon searching for the Georgian group Field Mob, the description lists them as artists from New York. Surely anyone with even an earlobe to the street knows of the current situation regarding the Albany, Georgia natives and their take on the New York Hip-Hop… Read more »



GLC: Heaven Knows

I n the Hip-Hop world, a memorable cameo appearance and endorsements from A-List artists can be both a gift and a curse. After impressive guest spots alongside one-time mentors on EPMD’s “Hardcore” and Dr. Dre’s “Deep Cover,” Redman and Snoop Dogg respectively proved that artists can parlay a quality 16-bar verse into a successful solo… Read more »



Common & Rakim: Forces of Nature

B rother J of the X-Clan once rapped, “I’ll walk with the lions, stalk with the elephant / pivot like gorilla, pigs become irrelevant.” Fifteen years ago, Hip-Hop and nature seem to have existed on a much more parallel plane than today. However, gear peddler extraordinaire, Marc Ecko seeks to change that. For decades, Ecko… Read more »



New Jurassic 5 Album and Tour On the Way

Hip-Hop quintet Jurassic 5 is hitting the road for a nationwide wide tour in support of its forthcoming album, Feedback. The release, which follows the group’s previous efforts, Power by Numbers and Quality Control, will allow fans to hear growth from the Los Angeles-based group. "It’s a step up for us because we have been… Read more »



Kevin Epps: On Point

It’s bigger than rap. It’s much larger than any brand of clothing, record label of the moment, or 16-bar quotable. If Hip-Hop is life, are we living correctly? What is the voice of this generation of music-makers saying? More importantly, does what we see on screen accurately reflect our surroundings? And are we motivated to… Read more »



Shawnna: Heads Home

S hawnna has been “gettin’ some” for almost a decade – props, that is. While Ludacris’ Disturbing Tha Peace brand made Shawnna an artist that registered with a Southern, audience, this Windy City native dropped a group album nine years ago. As one-half of Infamous Syndicate, Shawnna was rushed into the studio, and later displaced… Read more »



Rappers Can’t Save You – The Death Of The Internet

America’s Black misleadership class, which is nearly indistinguishable from its Black business class, has struck again. In a stunning coup, a mainline African American voting rights group has been enlisted on the side of AT&T and other telecom monopolies in their legislative push to privatize the Internet and roll back hundreds of agreements with local… Read more »