Chief Keef’s Hologram Concert is Postponed


Last week, Chief Keef announced that he would perform via hologram in his hometown city, Chicago. The drill music artist was set to perform with the hopes of preventing violence in the streets of Chi-Town, especially since a one-year old died during the same shooting that killed Keef’s close friend, Capo. Unfortunately, the concert was postponed due to a conflict with local paster, Michael Pfleger. Pfleger shown his disdain for the Chief Keef concert a couple of days ago on Facebook, according to the Chicago Tribune:

“Instead of having a concert … why doesn’t he man up and acknowledge it’s time to stop this violence and apologize for his part in it!!!! We don’t need a concert … we need PEACE.”

According to David Alki, the event’s organizer, Father Pfleger was accused getting the Redmoon Theatre in downtown Chicago to back out of their contract. Alki wrote to The Tribune:

“The meddling, attention seeking Father Pfleger, who bullied the owner of the downtown theater to back out of his contract, will not succeed. He is exploiting this tragedy and taking money away from the victims and solid charities who are doing good work in Chicago.”

Although Pfleger is accused of talking the Redmoon Theatre out of the July 17th date, there has not been any connection between both parties.

Well definitely keep you updated on this growing story.