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Common: Invocation

It was his 1994 classic Resurrection that featured his timeless ode to Hip-Hop “I Used To Love H.E.R.” that established Common as one of the pioneers in conscious Hip-Hop; but unlike his predecessors, many knew that he was destined to be a long shining star. With a countless array of hit singles that not only… Read more »




Artist: CommonTitle: BeRating: 5 StarsReviewed by: Sean A. Malcolm Classic…that’s not a word us critics use lightly. We don’t throw that word around like a 99 mph Randy Johnson fastball. Unfortunately, this game hasn’t seen an overall flawless album since…EXACTLY. Peep the quick “classical” lineup: Illmatic…classic. Midnight Marauders…classic. Reasonable Doubt…classic. These albums embodied everything we… Read more »



Us vs. Them

Artist: The ChapterTitle: Us vs. ThemRating: 4 StarsReviewed by: Chris Yuscavage Fans of The Roots and company are already halfway towards becoming a fan of Hip-hop duo The Chapter. Handpicked by ?uestLOVE to appear on 2004’s OkayPlayer compilation, True Notes Vol. 1, emcee Verbal E and producer 3Sixty are introduced to the world again by… Read more »



AHH Stray News: Sean John Lawsuit, Fat Joe, ’25 To Life’

A female employee of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs’ Sean John clothing company filed a sexual harassment lawsuit yesterday, claiming that her immediate supervisor made inappropriate sexual jokes only a month after she hired as a full-time employee. According to the female employee, her supervisor made various disparaging remarks in front of other employee’s and allegedly… Read more »



Nelly Addresses Underage Drinking In New Commercial

Hip Hop star Nelly has teamed with Anheuser-Busch for the company’s latest responsibility ad, which features the St. Louis rapper urging parents to recognize their role in preventing underage drinking. In the new “Who Am I?” commercial Nelly informs parents, “Your kids are your biggest fans, so talk with them about underage drinking.” The ad… Read more »



Twista Prepares For ‘The Day After’

Chicago rapper Twista is preparing to release The Day After, the follow-up to his 2004’s major label debut, Kamikaze. Marked with a September release date, the Grammy nominated rapper will offer fans 14 new tracks, complete with production by hit-makers Scott Storch, Timbaland, The Neptunes and Kanye West. The first single from the new album,… Read more »



Zion I: Sunrise Over Oakland

Don’t check for Oakland duo Zion I, consisting on MC Zion and producer Amp Live, to be all over the radio taking advantage of McDonald’s recent offer to drop pesos for Big Mac mentions. With over 14 years invested in their friendship and three albums collectively recorded, the Bay Area Hip-Hop heads have come to… Read more »



Bump J: Chi City Chief

Kanye West’s classy style and Common’s uplifting conscious have you thinking that Chicago is butter-soft? First, make sure your medical insurance is straight, and then venture to the Windy City and make such a bold statement to any member of the Goon Squad. Led by Atlantic Records’ recent acquisition Bump J, the Goons have made… Read more »



Russell Simmons Says ‘Get Your Money Right’

Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons is planning to school youngsters on money management, teaming up with financial guru Suze Orman for a six-city tour called “Get Your Money Right.” Eminem and “American Idol” champ Fantasia Barrino have already signed on to support the summits, which teach young people essential financial tools such as basic banking, managing… Read more »



AHH Stray News: Universal Sued, Fat Joe, Reebok, BEP Tour

Universal has been hit with a $100 million dollar lawsuit by two promoters, who claim that the label defrauded artists, including Nelly, out of money by forcing them to submit phony invoices. Promoters National Music Marketing and Majestic Promotions claim that top name artists like Nelly unintentionally paid for other artists promotion. The promoters also… Read more »



Common Speaks On Album Leaks

Chicago MC Common recently downplayed the proliferation of bootleg reproductions of his much-anticipated upcoming album Be, stating that he wasn’t too bothered by the album leaks. “People ain’t got all the songs, so I ain’t trippin’. They don’t even have the whole album yet,” Common said in a statement. The rapper is currently working on new… Read more »