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Anslem Samuel of The Ave: Electric Avenue

The Ave is self-proclaimed as “a street movement in print.” The magazine has created a niche for taking the same artists and celebrities found in the other magazines, and showing them in different lights. The Brooklyn-based publication currently finds 40,000 readers, but has plans to quickly double that. Near it’s second birthday, The Ave has… Read more »



Vakill: The Confirmation

H aving produced for All Natural, Cali Agents, and 7L & Esoteric, the Molemen are largely thought of as Chicago’s beat-society. But as Panik and Memo plug away at the boards, the microphone is gripped by an admitted fiend. Vakill has been releasing twelve-inch singles for a decade. In 2004, his Darkest Cloud album was… Read more »



Gordon Parks: The Original Visualizer

A visionary sees what is and what will be. Lives tomorrow in the present tense. Truly understands contemporary for what it is: temporary. Gordon Parks was a visionary in the truest sense of the word. A visionary sees obstacles to achieving goals and makes them into examples of how to win. Mr. Parks was responsible… Read more »



Worst Fears Confirmed

Artist: VakillTitle: Worst Fears ConfirmedRating: 4 StarsReviewed by: illseed Darkness is what’s missing from Hip-Hop and that isn’t in reference to the complexion of the rappers doing it. These days, Hip-Hop is one big happy-go-lucky circus of confection, whether your love is killing your own people, doing drugs or just ignoring social issues. Vakill isn’t… Read more »



Lupe Fiasco Speaks on New Projects

Lupe Fiasco is bringing more to the rap game than show-stealing cameos and great lyrics. The 23-year-old product of Chicago’s west side, whose debut album Food and Liquor drops this spring on Atlantic Records, is also pushing street clothes, a radio show and a record label. Fiasco co-founded the label, 1st and 15th, with a… Read more »



Lupe Fiasco: Revenge of the Hip-Hop Nerd

Being co-signed by Jay-Z over three years ago would seemingly ensure Lupe Fiasco’s propulsion to superstardom. However, the Chi-Town native’s deals with Roc-A-Fella Records, an L.A. Reid-helmed Arista and a group project via Epic all crumbled. Still, a talent like Lupe Fiasco isn’t anchored by the trials of life – he rises. Eventually, Atlantic Records… Read more »



AHH Stray News: Twista, BET, Marc Ecko, Ludacris

Twista recently headlined an event at Chicago’s Roosevelt University, as part of National Black AIDS Awareness day yesterday (Feb. 7). The rapper encouraged young fans to engage in safe sex and use condoms. The event was sponsored by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and the Brothers and Sisters United Against HIV/AIDS (BASUAH). According to the U.S…. Read more »