Clipse Member Malice Arrested

Clipse group member

Malice was arrested at the University Mall in Tampa, Florida on Saturday (August

10th) and charged with trespassing and later released on $500 bond.

Clipse was in

Tampa headlining The Grindin Rap Tour, which also features rappers Midwikid,

Lady May and Rob Jackson. The group stopped at the mall before a performance

at club V.I.P. in Tampa to shop. During the time at the mall, the group’s DJ,

No Doubt said that people were seeking autographs from Malice, well known due

to the success of the hit single "Grindin."

As the group was

leaving the mall around closing time, Malice obliged some young girls seeking

autographs. "All I wad doing was signing autographs," Malice told "I think it’s f*cked up, the cop knew what he was doing.

"All he saw was a buncha black people in a huddle. Everyone knew who I

was, and I know he felt stupid, especially when his co-workers knew the song

and wanted autographs too."

"He was signing

the autographs when police came up and was like you gotta leave," Road

Manager Big D added. "Then they pushed him in his back and it escalated

cause they put their hands on him."

To back up their

claim of racism, all that were present said the arresting officer, a Hillsborough

Sheriff County Deputy allegedly taunted group members. "They were like

we already hit him twice, what are yall going to do about it?" the group’s

DJ No Doubt said. No Doubt said the officer wouldn’t explain why Malice was

being arrested. He was handcuffed, officers went through his pockets, took his

phone and his wallet and proceeded to arrest him. "We had to do the show

without him," Big D continued. "This happened around 9 P.M., and he

wasn’t released until 5 A.M. the next morning. We are looking into legal action."

"I was just

sorry that I didn’t get to the show, but my family held it down and the fans

weren’t disappointed," Malice said.

At press time,

there was no comment from representatives at the University Mall or the arresting


The Clipse latest

album, Lord Willin hits stores August 20th.

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