Suge Knight Continues To Help Victims Of Gang Violence

Suge Knight continued to help victims of gang

violence, this time picking up the funeral expenses for a 57-year-old woman,

who was murdered in Los Angeles Feb. 5.

Betty Jean Rothchild was caught in gunfire as

she left her South Central Los Angeles home to purchase groceries for a church

sponsored dinner.

Knight agreed to pay the funeral expenses for

Rothchild, who leaves behind two sons, 13 grandchildren and a great-granddaughter.

Following the viewing at the Harrison-Ross Mortuary, Rothchild will be laid

to rest today ( Feb. 15th).

"Suge Knight didn’t have to do this,"

said Marvin Rothchild, her youngest surviving son. "He could have just

looked at the news, seen this as a tragedy and turned away. Instead, he has

really helped our family. I appreciate what he’s doing, and I want to meet him,

shake his hand and thank him."

Knight also provided funds for the families of

two innocent children murdered in Compton and Pomona and has also provided transportation

to penitentiaries on Father’s Day for children to visit their incarcerated dads,

given turkeys to hungry families on Thanksgiving and donated the money to completely

rebuild a playground destroyed by arson at a Head Start school in Sacramento.

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