Eightball & MJG Sue Suave House, Koch

Eightball and MJG have filed a lawsuit against Tony Draper’s Suave House

Inc. and Koch Entertainment, claiming upcoming releases are in violation of

a settlement the group entered into with Suave House.

According to the suit, the settlement was reached to resolve a dispute over

master sound recordings that Eightball and MJG claimed non-payment of


Draper allegedly agreed to pay the back royalties and give a minimum of six

months notice of the intended release of any album containing Eightball and

MJG recordings.

According the suit, Draper failed to pay royalties for the Lay It Down album

and has partnered with Koch to release another four albums without notifying

the group.

“The value of the two albums … will be substantially diminished, if not

rendered valueless,” if Draper and Koch releases the four albums the lawsuit


Eightball and MJG are seeking an injunction plus $2 million in compensatory

and punitive damages.

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