Fatal Hussein Not Signed To Murder Inc., Ja Speaks On Beefs

In a recent interview with Carribean newspaper

the Barbados Advocate, Ja-Rule spoke about his beef with Eminem, 50 Cent, DMX

and said that Fatal Hussein of Tupac’s Outlawz, has signed with Murder Inc.

Ja-Rule, labeling himself the "most hated

in the industry," said that Murder Inc. was preparing a big year of releases.

"Cadillac Tah’s new album will be coming

soon; Charli Baltimore; our new artist, Alexi; Fatal Hussein, who used to be

with Tupac and Outlawz who’s now with the Murder Inc. family, his album

is dropping real soon. There’s a lot we have coming."

Unfortunately for Hussein’s fans, Irv Gotti refuted

the signing.

"Right now we are in negotiations with J-Prince,"

Gotti told AllHipHop.com. "He is not signed with Murder Inc., right now

he is still signed to Rap-A-Lot."

As one of the Outlawz, Fatal appeared on Tupac’s

releases and appeared on the legendary song “Hit ‘Em Up."

Rap-A-Lot dropped his most recent self titled

album in December.

Ja-Rule also touched on his beef with Eminem

and 50 Cent. "It’s really nothing

to handle because these guys don’t really want beef, they just want to

talk about me and sell records," Rule said.

"If they see me, they’re gonna go the

other way and keep talking about me and selling records. If I see them, I’m

gonna approach them and ask them what’s the problem. That’s the difference.

Well, not just ask, but you know."

Ja said that he really didn’t have a beef with

DMX and that in reality it was "more of an ego thing," saying that

he was hotter than DMX.

"He used to be the man and it’s that

type of thing. I don’t get jealous over people’s success and I wish

all Black people luck and love in this world because it’s a world that’s

not orchestrated for us to win…it’s also a hideous thing that you’re

being hateful towards your brother."

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