Inspectah Deck Prepares “The Movement”

Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck will release

his long awaited second solo album, The Movement, in June.

With production from QB beatsmith Ayatollah,

former UMC member Hassan a.ka. "Phantom Of The Beats," Deck said the

new album is going to "blow everybody away."

"This is where y’all gonna see me take a

stand," Deck said. "I’m gonna be on the front line taking shots like

a Huey Newton Black panther type dude."

Inspectah Deck, who has been featured on some

of the Wu-Tang’s biggest hit, said that recording his own solo albums allowed

him greater creativity.

"When you’re doing a Wu-Tang album there’s

so many creative minds clashing that sometimes the best thought may not get

acknowledged," Deck continued. "With my album, I’m behind the wheel

of my own car. It’s much easier for me to see where I’m going when I’m in control

rather than having somebody else steering your life or your career for you."

The Movement hits stores June 10 on I.N.S.

Productions/Koch Entertainment/In The Paint.

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