Ras Kass Apprehended

Ras Kass is no longer a fugitive from justice.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, May 24th, John Austin aka Ras Kass

was arrested and taken into custody by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

According to Ras’ good friend and MC protégé

Scipio, Ras Kass was arrested after the vehicle he was a passenger in was stopped

by the police.

"From my understanding, (the driver) was

driving kinda crazy and so they just got knocked like that," says Scipio.

The reckless driving proved fatal to Ras’ standing as a free man, as Scipio

notes, "you can’t do sh*t in Vegas, it was just the homie was drivin’ way

out. It’s crucial when you’re on the run from the law, any little thing as you

can clearly see can happen to f*ck up the whole thing."

In town to do a show, Ras is now awaiting extradition

back to Los Angeles were he will make his first court appearance sometime within

the next week.

Any additional charges or possible bond for the

legendary lyricist are currently not known.

According to Scipio, Ras Kass’ incarceration

will not slow the release of new material.

"We still gonna keep it movin’, everything

is gonna keep runnin’. You gon’ think it’s on some ‘Pac sh*t, ’cause we got

music, we gonna keep the n***a alive."

Currently Ras Kass has two new full-length albums

due for release, Ras Kass Presents…The Re-Up, a compilation style album

featuring Scipio and others due to be released this summer on Empire Musicwerks/BMG,

and, Catch Me If You Can, an all new solo release and DVD.

As for public perception of the Waterproof MC’s

stint as a fugitive, Scipio believes Ras has only done what he was forced to.

"I believe if anybody was put in this situation they would react similar."

Ras status as a fugitive may have come to an

end, but his status as a Priority Records recording artist remains unclear.

The label has not publicly released a statement

regarding any of Ras Kass actions over the past few months, and Scipio for one

believes they are directly responsible for all of this.

"Priority/Capitol didn’t wanna drop this

n***a’s sh*t, and if you’re tryin’ to hold somebody from eating, holdin’ a n***a

back from feeding his family, but he gonna do his time like a man and hold his


but they wouldn’t let him get his paper straight before he had to turn himself

in. If you see somebody at your record label in this much anguish, if you’re

a humane person, why wouldn’t you let them go?"

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