RAM Squad Member Tommy Hill Says Rapper Set Him Up

RAM Squad member Tommy Hill claimed that he was

set up by a fellow rapper, after being arrested on charges that he sold cocaine

to undercover officers.

Authorities have made three attempts to turn

Hill into a cooperating witness, but Hill has rejected the offers each time.

"I’m not a rat," Hill told the Philadelphia

Inquirer. While the rapper in question is not known, authorities are attempting

to get information about Shamsud-din Ali, a Muslim cleric whom Hill denies having

relationship with.

Ali is being investigated as part of a corruption

probe in Philadelphia. Authorities are investigating an adult education program

Ali administered and claim $1.6 million dollars actually went into his pocket.

Hill said that authorities told him if he did

not cooperate they were "gonna drop the hammer" on him. Last Monday

after rejecting the opportunity to cooperate, Hill was hit with another Federal

drug charge.

The FBI said he sold over 50 grams of crack cocaine

to an informant on October 1 in a Boston Market parking lot.

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