New Video Game “Get On Da Mic” Coming To Gaming Systems

Eidos, a leading publisher and developer of entertainment

software has announced a deal with Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M) to produce

"Get On Da Mic," a Hip-Hop music video game.

The game, which will be available for all major

video gaming systems, allows players to live a fantasy lifestyle resulting from

their success in the Hip-Hop industry.

Players must impress crowds with their ability

to rap as they go from the streets, the clubs, recording studios, video shoots

and performances in front of thousands of fans.

The game is complete with shady agents, powerful

producers, groupies and even allows you to purchase a house and various jewelry

based on your success.

"Get On Da Mic immerses players in the alluring

world of becoming a Hip-Hop celebrity," said Paul Baldwin, Eidos North

America’s vice president of marketing. "A2M has secured one of the most

robust music soundtracks available in any music game featuring over 40 tracks.

The game also boasts a non-confining freestyle mode allowing players to show

off their lyrical skills and pave their own paths to fame among their friends."

No release date was provided for the game, which

is still in development.

Eidos has developed such titles as "Backyard

Wrestling," "Hitman Contracts" and "Invisible War,"

while A2M is responsible for "The Grinch," "Bugs Bunny: Lost

in Time" and "Jersey Devil."

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