Fox Of M.O.P. Fame Working On Solo Album

Though she’s

known more for inciting crowds rather than rocking them, M.O.P. affiliate Fox

has ventured from the mosh pit to the recording booth as she begins work on a

solo album.

The hype (wo)man/

road manager of the Mash Out Posse revealed it was group member Lil Fame who

insisted she make the transition. Fox also admitted fans played a role, too.

“Fame brought

me to the mic,” she told “We always play around,

we be on the bus and touring and stuff like that. Fame was like, ‘You

got skills, you need to do something.’ And then the fans, they see me

hyping, and they like, ‘When you going to go do something?’”

Since Fame and

Billy Danze both handle production duties for M.O.P., Fox felt is was an easy

evolution for her to make. It was just a matter of listening to their music

and putting pen to paper.

“My boys

do the beats [and] them sh*ts is hot,” she said. “You can’t

help it but write some dope sh*t behind them.”

And music industry

insiders are taking notice, according to Fox.

“I got Puffy

interested, he took one of the joints that we had on the M.O.P. album [Wanna

Be G’s] and put it on the Bad Boys II Soundtrack,” she said. “And

Dame just started hearing my music, he like it, [too].”

But as the case

with anything M.O.P does, it’s all about the First Family. And with Danze

serving as her vocal coach and manager, Fox had to impress him first.

“She hitting

it,” Danze exclaimed. “She’s keeping it calm and simple and

still being Fox. Not changing her game or nothing.”

In addition to M.O.P., Fox said Heather B. and Sparky D influenced her as artists.

Today, Remy Martin and Babs of Da Band serve as inspiration to her and she hopes

to collaborate with both of them soon. But don’t expect the novice rapper

to be chummy with the competition and share the mic time with just anyone.

“Most chicks,

I ain’t even really f**king with, don’t even ask me,” said

Fox. “I ain’t trying to be on your s**t. I’m just like M.O.P.,

I’mma do an album with me on it and whoever wants to get on it can get

on it—that’s how it is.”

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