Former Bodyguard For Fat Joe Arrested For Murder, Rapper Investigated

A former bodyguard

for Fat Joe was arrested yesterday and charged with a 1994 murder, which the rapper

allegedly witnessed.

According to the

New York Times, Jose Mulero, 38, was charged with murder, tampering with evidence

and weapons charges, after being accused of shooting Ernesto Rivera, 16, on

April 15, 1994.

Fat Joe is under

investigation in connection with the shooting, but authorities said the rapper

was cooperating.

Lawyers for Fat

Joe denied that he knew anything about the shooting. They also denied that he

was an eyewitness to the murder.

"Joe received

a subpoena," Joe’s Lawyer Peter Frankel said. "Joe responded

to the subpoena as he was under the obligation to do, and that was the extent

of his cooperation. Joe was not an eyewitness to a homicide. He knows nothing

about a homicide. He didn’t see anything."

According to reports,

the shooting happened outside of a social club that Fat Joe ran. Two groups

of men had fought earlier in the night.

They met up by

coincidence outside of the club and started fighting. Mulero was working as

a security guard outside of the club.

Authorities claim

Mulero fired his pistol three times striking and killing the teen. Police allege

Mulero then dragged Rivera across the street and dumped him in a vacant lot.

While Joe said

he heard the shooting and witnessed people fleeing, investigators are seeking

to determine if the rapper was closer to Mulero and what he may have seen.

Mulero was arrested

in a federal prison in Pennsylvania. He was serving 92 months for a 2000 weapons


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