Salt-N-Pepa Working On Sitcom, Other Ventures

Female rap pioneers

Salt-N-Pepa may not have a hit record on the charts at the moment, but the two

veterans are busy with other ventures, including a new sitcom that they are developing


“We are developing

the sitcom together,” Pepa told “It’s going

to be based on our lives.”

Both Salt and Pepa

will star in the untitled television show, which they are taking their time

to develop.

In 1994, they did

a pilot for a show titled “On Our Own,” which didn’t pan out.

“We are taking

our time. The people involved have a lot of energy and are ready to go,”

Salt said. Everything happens in time and timing is everything.”

After becoming

a born-again Christian almost two years ago, Salt teamed with former Kid-N-Play

rapper Christopher “Play” Martin, who also left secular music for

gospel and created “Rise,” a Hip-Hop gospel stage musical.

Salt will continue

exploring her spiritual side and plans on dropping an introspective album chronicling

her life.


going to bring out [the album] under my own label with my husband,” Salt

said. “I don’t even want to say that it’s a gospel album.

“It’s more of my testimony, it’s what I been through in life until

now what god had has taught me.”

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