Eminem Talks Mike Jackson, Bush In New XXL, Encore To Debut At #1

XXL magazine snagged

an exclusive cover interview with Eminem for their 5th Annual Love/Hate year end double issue,

which hits stands December 7th.

The interview is

Eminem’s first public statement since his video “Just Lose It”

caused major controversy.

In the video he

mocks celebrities such as Madonna, Pee Wee Herman, MC Hammer and Michael Jackson,

who was able to get the video pulled from BET.

“I thought

it was blown way out of proportion,” Eminem tells XXL. “I mean,

there’s a line in there: “That’s not a stab at Michael/That’s

just a metaphor/I’m just psycho. I guess [Michael’s] very sensitive

and he probably felt like he got it the worst. Michael Jackson sitting on the

edge of the bed with little boys jumping on it at the end of the video—that’s

not nothing he didn’t tell us.”

The controversial

rapper also discusses the re-election of George Bush Jr. and his disappointment

with the results of the United States’ presidential election.


disappointed and I voted for Kerry,” Eminem reveals to the magazine. “And,

you know, he lost. And from the ‘Mosh’ record, I don’t know

if I need to go even further about how I feel about Bush .We did our best to

get it [the record] out as soon as we could. But do I wish it could have come

out two weeks earlier? Yes.”

“This is

Eminem’s first interview with the magazine since last March, when he cleared

his name regarding the racist tapes he made when he was sixteen,” says

Elliott Wilson, XXL Editor-in-Chief. “I assure readers that Eminem will

be equally candid this time around regarding his recent controversies.”

In related news,

Eminem’s latest album Encore was officially released on Friday

(November 12th) and will claim the number one spot on Billboard’s Top

200 Pop Chart tomorrow.

According to reports,

Encore moved almost 700,000 copies over the weekend.

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