Rap City Debuts Today With New Host Mad Linx

Today begins a

new "Rap City" on BET where Hip-Hop has finally left the basement

and will now reside in a brand new, modern set.

Along with the

set, Mad Linx will replace Big Tigger as the host of the highly rated show,

starting today.

"It’s a brand new set,

a brand new look," Linx told AllHipHop.com. "We’re going to be bringing

the hottest in Hip-Hop. It’s completely sexy. BET put their foot in it."

While Tigger’s era in the

"Bassment" was more in tune with Hip-Hop’s earlier years, Linx said

the new set reflects the diversity of the rap nation.

"I can’t speak for

what the network was going for, but as a whole our generation has gotten older.

Some of our hottest artists are in their 30’s," he said. "This [set]

represents that."

Another change will be the

absence of freestyles with the artists."That was Tigger’s lane and I’m

going to stay in my lane. I would completely embarrass myself, but he did that

very well," he said.

Linx has other skills aside

from rapping. Residents of Tampa, Florida might be familiar with the Queens-born

host, because he’s also an on-air personality on radio station WLLB Wild 98.7

in the region.

In addition, he is a video

DJ for EA Sports video game monolith.

Through it all, Linx said

he felt fortunate to help a new era in "Rap City," which is the longest

running Hip-Hop related TV show.


that’s going on with me is definitely a blessing," he concluded.

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