Mass Appeal Magazine Editor Killed On Subway

Patrick Elasik, a founder of Mass Appeal Magazine, was electrocuted on Wednesday as he attempted to walk across a subway line in New York City after leaving a friend’s birthday party.

The 26-year-old Elasik was discovered about 1:35 a.m. on the highly charged third rail in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. According to reports, the Far Rockaway resident entered the subway station from the wrong side. Instead of leaving and re-entering, he opted to cross the tracks and died when he touch the tracks.

DJ Soul, Former Music Editor of Mass Appeal, said Elasik was a fun-loving, good-natured individual that gave him one of his first shots in the print magazine game.

“He was a good guy. I remember him and his partner giving me a chance to run the music section of the magazine. I had no experience and these dudes took a chance on me on let me ride with it. For that I am forever grateful. He will be missed,” Soul told

Although he was a Hip-Hop head, Soul said Elasik had unique tastes in his extracurricular activities.

“He loved surfing. It would be the middle of winter and this dude would still go surfing every morning. He loved it so much that he bought on house in Far Rockaway on the shore just so he could go surfing when he woke up,” Soul said.

Elasik and his business partner Adrian Moeller founded Mass Appeal in 1996 and the bimonthly magazine has accentuated the more creative, eccentric aspects of Hip-Hop and urban lifestyle.

Elasik’s body was reportedly flown to Virginia yesterday with his parents.

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