Method Man Talks Wendy Williams Incident

Wu Tang Clan lyricist

Method Man is voicing his displeasure over radio personality Wendy Williams’ on-air

revelation about the health of his wife.Williams

recently broke news to her listeners that Method Man’s wife has cancer. The rapper,

who kept the status of his wife’s health a secret, was angered by Williams’ disregard

for his privacy."Wendy

gets on the air and said [Method Man] ‘his wife is sick and she not doing too

well,’ and I’m like this f***king b***h man," Method Man told

"This [is] the big "C," big "C" [for cancer]. I was ready.

I was so mad, I was crying right there and I’m like I’m gonna kill some f**king

body and these [Wu Tang friends] kept me in there, kept me in L.A."Since

the show, Method Man has had to deal with increased exposure from the fallout.According

to the rapper, his wife, who is going through chemotherapy treatment, had not

told family members about her battle with cancer. Method

Man’s frustration continued to build upon hearing that Williams allegedly insinuated

that he was having an affair with a doctor, who is treating his wife."She

said me and [the doctor] was f**king. What kind of s**t is that, man?," he

said. "You don’t do that to nobody. You say the f**k you want to say about

me, say nothing about my family, man."The

drama comes as Method Man prepares for the August 29 release of his new album,

4:21…The Day After.

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