Rappers Saafir, Lady of Rage Star in Kody ‘Monster’ Scott Movie, Lil Monster On The Way


life of best-selling author Kody "Monster" Scott is coming to the big

screen. Bay

area rapper Saafir will portray Scott in the Billy Wright-directed film, titled

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. Scott

chronicled his life as a child and young adult growing up in Los Angeles as an

Eight-Tray Crips gang member in the book Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A.

Gang Member from prison. He

will narrate the feature via footage of him shot over the years.In

addition to Saafir, who was in the 1993 Hughes Brothers drama Menace II Society,

former Death Row Records rapper the Lady of Rage will appear in Can’t Stop,

Won’t Stop, as Scott’s mother Birdie Scott. The

role marks a return to film for the female rapper, who also after appeared in

the film Next Friday.For

Wright, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, will serve as a fitting tribute to his

friend Scott."In

the realm of Hip-Hop culture, Kody is an iconic figure," Wright said. "He

is the ‘American Gangster’ of our generation. As a personal friend of Kody’s,

this is a project we envisioned years ago. I owe it to him to not only complete

it, but to continue to give him a voice. With a 6th grade education, Kody taught

himself in prison, just like Malcolm X, and then went on to write a best selling

novel. He is a role model for how to live and how not to live. His real life encapsulates

what Hip-Hop imagery is all about."Despite

the acclaim he received from the book, Scott has encountered legal trouble. The

author, also known as Sanyika Shakur, was arrested Mar. 7, after being listed

as one of the Los Angeles Police Department’s and the FBI’s "Top 10 Most

Wanted Gang Members."Still,

Wright believes his film will resonate with moviegoers by bringing Scott’s novel

to life."I

fee, I will represent the book visually. With Kody as narrator, the story becomes

even more compelling."One

person influenced by Scott, who saw his gang experience first hand, is his son

Lil Monster (born Sanyika Kashir Shakur Scott)."Seeing

my father once portrayed a negative life, I vowed that I would always bring a

positive light to the entertainment business and my family name," said Lil

Monster, who is working with rapper Lil Sneak on an album to be released this

year. "Living

in the new millennium and being surrounded by gang activity, I feel that I can

bring unity between all my peers," Lil Monster said.Lil

Monster’s first album with Lil Sneak is titled The Come Up. "This

album is based on our dad’s lifestyles and what we want to tell others about those

experiences. The second movement is a film also called, The Come Up. We

believe that because both of us were raised by fathers who were gang members and

how we learned to survive in a negative atmosphere, that we have a message as

young adults that is positive and constructive. We will send that positive message

in our lifestyle and careers."

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