Hip-Hop Rumors: Common Ready To Fight For Serena? Fabolous and Uncle Murda – Pork? Superhead Gets Aired Out!


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Superhead=Abusive Mom? Rappers Chain Snatched? Fantasia & Young Dro To Marry?

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Hip-Hop Rumors: OBAMA! Shawty Lo Gets Peaced? Rihanna The Skater? Lil’ Wayne To Rehab?

Hip-Hop Rumors: Pharrell Pushes Big Boy Off Stage! Is Lil’ Wayne A G.O.A.T?



Recently, Serena Williams suggested that she and rapper Common weren’t really that serious and that her primary focus was her career in tennis. Well, that might be true and all that, but they apparently had a recent flap with the paparazzi over the weekend. They were seen together in Cali and a pap started to snap flicks. After a couple were fired, Common ran up on son and “asked” him to stop. Dude was happy to oblige. LMAO! Go, Common! Common is a Vegan Headbussa. Keep playin!


Is there a beef brewing between The Dream and Lil Wayne? I am hearing that some of the lyrics from their respective songs have resonated deep in the hearts of the two men that have Nivea in common. If you put “I Luv Your Girl” and “Lollipop” back to back, it’s like a battle. The Dream seems like he’s telling Wayne he loves his girl which is actually Wayne’s ex-girl, but Wayne throws back at Dream when he says, “Shawty said the n***a that she wit aint s**t.” Am I bugging? Let me know!


We all know Amy Winehouse stole her style from the 60’s, but were you aware that it was jacked from a single woman? It was. A still vibrant woman named Sharon Jones gave birth to Amy Crackhouse’s whole style. Click here to be her “friend” and you can all officially dump that wino. They actually share the same rhythm section in the Dap Kings. Thing is, I knew about Sharon, but she wasn’t marketed in the same way so she didn’t get the right shine. Time to shine, baby! Anyway, thanks Hunter!

As for Amy’s apology, I have only the following to communicate:


OK, I totally jacked this from tmz, but they did it so well, I didn’t want to mess up their art:

In a restraining order filed against Karrine, Darius says he didn’t hit her with his car — she “jumped on the trunk of my car and then the roof of my car. She started beating my vehicle and windows.” It says she then attempted to get into the car by breaking the windows “with her fist.”

It doesn’t stop there.

In another incident, Darius claims Karrine “slapped me so hard that she hit a bystander.”

Other claims: multiple accounts of stalking, damage to property to the tune of $3,500 — and more physical and verbal abuse.

Steffans tells tmz, “I love Darius and no matter what he does or says, my feelings remain the same. I will only discuss issues to which I have legal documents and witnesses and refuse to attack Darius or his son the way he has attacked me and mine. His accusations are unfounded, undocumented and unbelievable, yet, common when coming from a man on the defensive. Still, he is a part of our lives and hearts and all we ask of him is to seek counseling to repair his own personal pains, as I am, and join my son and I in repairing our broken bond and trust. After seeing what a cycle of abusive manifested into for women like Nicole Brown-Simpson, I am at peace with my decision to make these events public but I prefer to focus more so on the healing than on the hurt from this point forward and I implore Darius to do the same as the legal process in this case takes its natural course.”


Were you impressed?


Friends-Turned-Comp – Now Nas and the Game are both set to drop on July 15. Not a good look.

Can This Be Anything, BUT Cheesy: I like Beyonce, Jay-Z and Coldplay. But will I like them all on ONE song? I don’t know about that one. Coldplay is supposedly getting the newlyweds to sing with the group. I hope it’s not Cheez Whiz.

Preggers Alert? I’ve seen Amerie on the net and I haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe she is with child. On the flip side, I heard she is pregnant.

Surprise!!! I am getting word that Bad Boy Records has dumped boy band B5.

WTF? I am hearing that Drank is a drink that makes you sleepy like that other stuff. Why would this fare well on the market?

A Wolverine Fan! A rabid fan keeps emailing me, insisting that Foxy Brown is not dating Rick Ross. I just had to say that, because this person may have a conniption.

OH GOD, Please STOP! Now Fabolous and Uncle Murda are beefing? For the love of anything…STOP. This s**t is CORNY. Like, I can’t even write about this wack s**t.

Wedding Bells? According to US Weekly, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian are all set to get engaged for marriage.

Random: Where the HELL is Young Buck?! I miss the dude’s music!


Babs Bunny on her thoughts about reality show “Miss Rap Supreme” (AHH – read story here):

“They wouldn’t make male rappers rhyme for priests and make them dress like Eve and Lil Kim and Foxy Brown and take them to a gay club and perform for a bunch of gay dudes, they wouldn’t do that.”

Warren G on the arrest on weed charges (AHH – read story here):

“I was a passenger, I wasn’t driving,” Warren G. told AllHipHop.com. “And we didn’t run a red light. We just happened to be in a long line of traffic on Hollywood Boulevard and got caught in the intersection. The whole thing was bogus.”

The dude that replaced Jay-Z (Shakir Stewart) told AllHipHop.com:

“My A&R staff which I’m extremely happy about and I feel is one of the strongest in the business… We’re putting out albums from Nas, LL Cool J, Jeezy, Ludacris, Fabolous, Ghostface Killah, Redman & Method Man, we’re working all the way around the board.”

Burn, Hollywood, Burn! Spike Lee on his movie plans that he can’t make happen:

“I have a black-biopic, no-money trilogy: Jackie Robinson. Joe Louis and James Brown. Those are three films I have scripts for and am trying to get done but have been unsuccessful so far.” [Man, I want to see all these stories! Good news is F. Gary Gray has just signed on to direct the biopic “Marvin? – as in Marvin Gaye! Law & Order’s Jesse L. Martin will play Marvin!]


REALLY? Are people really doing stuff like this? Robbing old people like it’s the 70’s and 80’s?

Click here for “Signs” Part II – Is Washington DC becoming a POLICE STATE?


I ain’t no N-Word, sorry. Paul Mooney and Richard Pryor eventually denounced the use of the word. Here is the Nas video.

Nas’ mixtape is ill so download “The N-Word Mixtape” HERE!

01 Intro

02 Gangsta Rap (rmx) (prod. DJ Green Lantern)

03 Cops Keep Firing (prod. DJ Green Lantern)

04 Hero (prod. Polow Da Don)

05 Black President (prod. DJ Green Lantern)

06 Association f. stic.man (of dead prez)

07 Legendary (Mike Tyson).. (prod. Salaam Remi)

08 Ghetto (rmx) f. Joell Ortiz (prod. DJ Green Lantern)

09 Seen it All (Green Mix)

10 Esco Let’s Go (Full Song) (prod. Dj Khallil)

11 N.I.*.*.E.R. (Slave and Master). (prod. DJ Toomp)

12 Be a Nigger Too (rmx) f. Dante Hawkins (prod. DJ Green Lantern)

13 Surviving the Times (Original Cool and Dre Version)

14 Nas Timeline (mixed by Statik Selektah) (Nararated by Nas)

15 Outro f. Richard Pryor


My homey Jye decided to send me some stuff on this terrible Tuesday. Peep the rumor technique.

I heard the film in which Sticky Fingaz made his directorial debut was screened yesterday. “A Day In The Life” was one film screened yesterday at a film festival showcasing our talented bros and sisters’ work. The film was produced, written and directed by Sticky. The film boasts an all-star lineup too… Omar Epps, Nadine Velazquez, Mekhi Phifer, Fredro Starr, Ray J, and Treach…just to name a few. Now not too many people understand how long Sticky Fingaz has been in the acting game. Here are some stats on your boy: He produced 4 films, acted in 49 (starting with clockers), wrote 2, and directed 3. Now the Onyx man deserves his respect.

Mike Tyson fears for his life…according to the NY post he said, “I’ve been in prison. In and out of court. Convicted of rape. I already expect the worst to happen. I expect people to treat me bad. I expect one day somebody’ll blow my brains out over some bullsh*t,” “No one gives a sh*t about Mike Tyson. Someone accuses me of a horrible crime, others say, ‘Yeah, he’s capable of that. Mike probably did it.’ Nobody’s fighting any crusade for my black ass.”

Big Jye’s Who Cares Files:

Sean Combs is Puff Daddy again. LOL…anything for a press bump.

The National Enquirer is doing what it does best….writing trash. They claim that Latifah is going to marry long time personal trainer Jeannette Jenkins after California green lighted same sex marriage. Big Jye says….who cares?


This is Illdose from Nashville aka Cas$hville. The song is called “Dollaz Circulate” and it is produced by 9th wonder. Illdose – come on down and let the AHH IC tell you what time it is.(Sorry Illdose – I’ll put this up 2moro too.)


I don’t have time to rehash this beef between Bisop Lamont and DJ Strong. I know one thing, cats are getting crazy running up on dudes with their wives right there. Strong’s wife is wild! Read below:

JUNE 9TH, 2008

As some of you may have noticed, Bishop Lamont’s latest street album

“The Confessional” leaked onto the internet Friday night. However, this leak was completely unauthorized, and DJ Strong is allegedly the one behind it.

We just contacted Diocese, Bishop Lamont’s label, and they gave us the following statement to post:

“The version of ‘The Confessional’ that leaked onto the internet is an incomplete project with an incomplete tracklisting. DJ Strong was told specifically that he could not be a part of this project, and then, to spite us, he released it online anyway with his DJ tags all over it. We are not supporting this version of the project. We’re asking the fans to wait until either Whoo Kid’s official version or the untagged version leaks so that they can enjoy the full experience of this project that we’ve worked so hard on. On Monday, Whoo Kid’s version will drop on thisis50.com and AllHipHop.com for free. On Tuesday, we will follow with the official untagged Bishop Lamont special edition.” DJ Warrior, a former business partner of Strong’s, has released this candid statement.


“Brian Bradshaw [DJ Strong] was a business partner of mine until March 2007. He has stolen money from the company, and also hasn’t paid back owed money. He gave my brand, Hip-Hop West, a bad name, after I put this guy in the game. He’s been illegally using the Hip-Hop West name to make money for a while…and bootlegging mine and other DJs’ CDs such as DJ Vlad, from back in the day. I was told by other dudes that he has a bad attitude and steals from people. It was becoming too crazy, to where I didn’t want him to hurt the Cali Untouchables brand. He’s a total crazy guy who has no love for hip hop, or the music industry. He just wants make money, he don’t stand for nothing, and he’s always biting other people. There’s so many people out there that don’t want to deal with him or do business with him. He sells the Bishop Lamont Unauthorized CD, puts his name on it after he was told not to, and sells the master to over 10 bootleggers for few hundred dollars each. The New West has banned this guy from hip-hop. Back in early 2007 , this guy wanted to be a cop because all the financial problems and some of the back pay he had paid me, after I found out he was stealing money from the company. This guy is worse than Empire, who illegally put the Lil Wayne mixtapes out. This guy is a disgrace to hip hop and to the streets.


I’m loving the Kool & The Gang sample!


TIME FOR ACTION: Fox “News” aka “Faux News” has been evil and now it is time to raise hell. On the June 6 edition of Fox News’ “America’s Pulse,” host E.D. Hill called Barack’s “pound” a “terrorist fist jab.” He said, “A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab? The gesture everyone seems to interpret differently.” How about I bump my fist upside your head?

I got ya fist bump.

Sign the petition: click here.

Shout out to “Haitian boy” Naldo.


Kenya hit me with this picture! Deelishis stopped in the Bebe store at Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem, NC this past weekend. She was in town to host some parties and a Car and Bike Show at Farmington Dragway, and she shopped with there. I hear Deelishis was mad cool, and even prettier in person (GASP! She can get prettier?). I heard she copped enough stuff that the girls hit their numbers!


The ladies know they like looking and judging women as much as men, but I am going to give them something they have been asking for, some handsome men. They are ALL handsome dudes that should be honored – every single one of them. Peep:


Must be in the blood but, it looks like Angela is the newest Simmon to perform. Check out her SWAG, dude.


50 Cent and Eminem’s kids are really good friends. Check out a pic of them! I was baby sitting!


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