Ice-T Signs On As Spokesman For Internet TV Service

Hip-Hop icon Ice-T has signed on to be the spokesman for Open Visions Networks, a cutting-edge service aimed at bringing cable TV completely online.


The project was put in motion two years ago by three young, ambitious, inner-city entrepreneurs: Sherman “Doc” Bell, Jae “Nasdaq” Swanston, and Leroy Gordon.


Instead of watching content from a website, users run software from the Open Vision Networks site that creates a television network of channels right on their media player.


“At the initial meeting I was blown away when these guys showed me what they were working on,” Ice told “Me being an Internet cat myself, I’ve always tried to be on the edge of the tech sh*t. When I got the details I realized, ‘man this is no bullsh*t’”


By recreating an authentic online television experience, the company hopes to carve their niche by differentiating themselves from big name competition.


“With us, we put the power back in the hands of the creators,” co-founder Jay Swanston explained. “We are not like Youtube or any of those streaming websites that calls each user account a channel. Myspace, Hulu, and Youtube are not based on niche content allowing the user to make money. All you do is upload on their site and make them and their advertisers money. We have music, independent and major studio movies, even Bollywood. Our main focus is to grow the libraries of content where subscribers get what they want. So if someone likes stand-up comedy 24-7, they could go to say, channel 80.”


The budding company hopes to revolutionize the way television content is presented.


Ice-T and wife Coco will retain their very own channels, focusing on original content specific to their interests.


While Coco will undoubtedly feature sultry videos related to her modeling career, Ice-T is set on releasing his entire back catalogue of videos and music through his channel.


“What I’ll do with Ice TV is put a lot of back catalogue stuff that I’ve had over the years,” Ice explained. “There could possibly be legal problems, but I really don’t care. I really don’t see them coming after me. There’s still money coming in for the old stuff, but I’m not gonna ask anyone, I’m just gonna do it.”


OVN TV is currently free and available in 109 countries around the globe.


New users can visit to subscribe and experience the service.


The brand is set to offer Hi-Def channels by early 2009.

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