Jim Jones: A Byrd In The Hand

If you looked at Jim Jones ten years ago you would never have thought

he’d be where he is today. After a string of hits (you’ve said it loud, “Ballin’!,”

admit it) and savvy business moves, the former second in command of the

Diplomats movement has really come into his own.


Going from hype man, to entertainer, to businessman, Jones’ resume

reads like a “how to” story for would be entrepreneurs

and he’s still not done. After he gets his holiday money from the recently

released A Tribute to Bad Santa, Jim

Jones plans on hitting fans with his first major label album called Pray IV Reign.


With music, movies, and a stage play [Inside the Life & Mind of Jim Jones] all under his belt, Jim

Jones may have to officially change his name to Renaissance man.



AllHipHop.com: You’re

known for your rough image and street music so most people were shocked when

they heard you had a stage play. How did that come about?


Jim Jones: The

play was just an idea of mine. Did a new deal, trying to do something big. I’m

trying to get people to listen to the music. It’s just something innovative,

something new. I told my idea to the play director. He and I talked about the

ideas and my music and it turned into a musical.

Pop Champagne – Jim Jones & Ron Browz Feat. Juelz Santana

AllHipHop.com: Now

that you have it out what’s the next step?


Jim Jones: I’m

trying to get it on the road right now. We’re trying to figure that out right

now so hopefully it’ll go through.



You have a Christmas album coming out, which is a little rare to see in

Hip-Hop. What made you want to do it?


Jim Jones:

Christmas is my best season. I love Christmas music. I did Dipset Christmas so this is my double back. I built a good rapport with

Mike Epps. He’s real funny so I told him let’s do a Christmas album with him as

Bad Santa and he was with it. We locked in and did it. Juelz

gave me some songs. So did 730, Sin City gave me some songs and we got some Byrdgang songs. 

Even got a couple R&B bangers in there and smashed that thing

together. It’s genuine Christmas music but it’s Christmas music we can relate



AllHipHop.com: You

mentioned Mike Epps but I remember Katt Williams was

tapped to be the official comedy representative for Dipset

a while ago. What happened?


Jim Jones: Katt is still Diplomats. He’s Diplomats/Comedy Central. He

runs the comedy division and we’re trying to build a movie division. Katt is a business man and we’re all

doing business.  


“We all cool. I haven’t spoken to Cam but as far as all the

other players, the ones who started it with me, we all cool. We’re still the

tight family we was. As for the artists, they’re

opinion really don’t matter anyway.”



In keeping with the Christmas theme, what do you remember most about

the holidays when you were growing up?


Jim Jones: What I

remember most about Christmas is the G.I. Joes and Voltron

toys. The Lumber Jack jackets, the sheepskins and the

v-bombers that we were so thirsty to get.



Christmas is a holiday about togetherness and unity. Do you think there’s a

chance we’ll ever see unity among Dipset?


Jim Jones: I

don’t know what it’ll take, but there’s definitely a chance. There’s always a

chance to make money.

Bad Santa Intro – Jim Jones ft. Sen & Shoota 

AllHipHop.com: What’s

you relationship like with the other members?


Jim Jones: We all

cool. I haven’t spoken to Cam but as far as all the other players, the ones who

started it with me, we all cool. We’re still the tight family we was. As for the artists, they’re opinion really don’t matter



AllHipHop.com: In

another interview recently published on the Internet, you were quoted as saying

something to the effect of Cam’s ego being part of the break up?


Jim Jones: I

don’t think I said Cam’s ego but I will say it was both of our egos. Once

people’s egos get bigger than the money [then] these types of things tend to



AllHipHop.com: Can

you pinpoint where the disconnect between you two

happened and if so, is there anything you would’ve done different?


Jim Jones: I

couldn’t tell you man. I really can’t say.


AllHipHop.com: You

have a 50/50 deal with Columbia. You’ve done pretty well with yourself as an

indie artist so what can fans expect from you now that you’re on a major?


Jim Jones: A lot

more of me. A whole lot more of me. I’m sticking to the script. Nothing’s

changed. I’m still Jones. Except now I’m going to be all in your house, all in

your momma’s house. I’m definitely going to be a household name.



Artists have a tendency to lose a bit of themselves when they make the move to

the majors. Can we expect to see a difference in Jim Jones anytime soon?


Jim Jones: I

still do my music for the people I know. I do my music for the hood. I do my

music for the struggles and everything that came from the struggles, whether it

was success or not. I can never forget that. I put my experience in my music.

My music brings the people from the suburbs to the cities, to the hoods, to the



AllHipHop.com: You

have a longstanding relationship with Dr. Benjamin Chavis

of the Hip Hop Summit Action Network. With you becoming more of a household

name can we expect you to be even more active on social issues?


Jim Jones: I give

back as much as I can. People ask me to do things and I try to reach out. If

it’s for the kids I’m always there for that. I’m not the biggest social

activist but I give back when I can. Like I’m on the board for Entertainers 4



AllHipHop.com: Your

first single was originally a song by Ron Browz. How

did you two link up and will you collaborate on anymore



Jim Jones: Ron

did like three or four songs on my album, Pray IV Reign. I heard the Pop

Champagne record and I told him I’d give him some help and put a verse on

there. It turned into something way crazier than we would’ve thought.


AllHipHop.com: Who

else contributed to the project?


Jim Jones: Chink

Santana, Byrdgang, Ludacris,

Busta, Ryan Leslie.

This Is Jim Jones – Jim Jones 


Speaking of collaborations, you and Dame Dash have been spotted a lot together.

How involved is he in your projects?


Jim Jones: That’s

my business partner. We got a bunch of ventures. We’re going in on these



AllHipHop.com: So

you’re officially bringing Dame Dash back to the music business?


Jones: Sky’s

the limit. Y’all n****s better be ready. We coming. We

better be on you n****s radar. The bleeps is louder than a motherf**ker right now.


AllHipHop.com: And

this is not a slight at Jay-Z in any way?


Jim Jones: Nah.

Why would it be? I don’t give a f**k about that n***a.

I don’t think about that n***a during the course of my

day. The only time I think about that n***a is when

the media mention him then it becomes a joke to me. I don’t give a f**k about that n***a.


AllHipHop.com: What’s

going on with your group, Byrdgang?


Jim Jones: We

just did a movie called Bird Flies High.

It’s kind of like a Pulp Fiction

meets Blair Witch Project type of

thing in the hood.


AllHipHop.com: I’m

curious to see how that combination played out. It sounds like something that

would difficult to make happen?


Jim Jones: You’ll

see. Hopefully it’ll be out in a couple of months.


AllHipHop.com: You

and Juelz Santana are the only ones that are still

visible and representing the Dips the same way Wayne and Baby rep for Cash

Money. Is there a chance you two will do an album similar to the one they did



Jim Jones: We’re

doing an album together. We’re probably going to attack that more after both of

our solo projects come out. 


AllHipHop.com: You’re

being pretty secretive about the moves you’re making. You don’t want to give

the people something to look forward too?


Jim Jones: You

just got to stay tuned. I don’t like to f**k up my cover. I like to get that

low money.

 We fly high – Jim Jones ft Diddy, Juelz & Lil Wayne


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