Police Raid X-Raided’s Jail Cell; Phone, MP3 Recorder Discovered

(AllHipHop News) Pleasant Valley State Prison officials recently raided the jail cell of incarcerated X-Raided and found a digital cell phone and a WAV/MP3 recorded in his possession.


X-Raided, born Anerae Brown, was arrested and convicted along with four others, for the 1992 murder of a rival gang member’s mother.


Lyrics from his 1995 album Xorcist were used against him during his trial, resulting in his conviction of gang related homicide in 1996.


He was sentenced to 31-years in prison. His contraband was discovered after a state employed laundry room supervisor was accused of smuggling contraband into the prison.


A confidential informant told officials of the contraband in the rapper’s jail cell.


Prison guards found a Roland R-09HR WAV/MP3 Recorded hidden insides an Arts in Corrections Keyboard.


They also found a Nokia cell phone, a charger and an extra battery hidden inside of two typewriter cartridges.


Inmates are found in possession of phones on a regular basis and it is not a crime, but a minor infraction, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations rules and regulations, an issue that prison officials are presently working hard to change.


“It’s a big problem for us (CDCR) with budget cuts and furlough days, having state employees willing to being inmates contraband for money. It’s happening now more than ever,” a prison guard stated under the condition of anonymity.


Over the years, Brown has managed to release dozens of albums from prison, including The Unforgiven Volume 1: In The Beginning.


In 1999, a prison guard at the Salinas Valley State Prison was eventually fired for his role in smuggling recording equipment in for Brown.


In late 2008, X-Raided announced he would be releasing a new series of Unforgiven mixtapes, along with another full length album titled Eternally Unforgiven.

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