Big Boi is taking off, Andre 3000 is on the Runway

Atlanta’s lyrical dynamo and one half of Hip-Hop’s biggest selling group Outkast, Big Boi is back with the same fire, new label. Sir Lucious L. Leftfoot recently signed with Def Jam, and his first single “Shutterbug” is classic Big Boi with fresh focus and content.Big Boi took some time out of his busy schedule to first talk about how “Shutterbug” came to be. “I flew down to Miami for a meeting with Scott Storch,” said Big Boi. “Scott said that he had a beat for me that he was sitting on for a few years. He played it, it was bananas. I brought it back to Atlanta, put all that funk on it; bringing my keyboard players in, my guitar players in and then commenced to lyrical destruction. I wanted this song the capture the good times of getting back to emceeing, real lyrical content and having fun. That’s what we do and what we specialize in. The music has always been funk, bass, that Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. We’re bringing it back to the essence.”Big Boi was very calm and confident in delivering long-awaited information to industry professionals in attendance. His new album is currently untitled. However, his production for the album is well known. “Of course I got Organized Noize, started out with them first,” Big Boi stated. “They got like four cuts on the album. I got my own production company, Boom Boom Room Productions; we did a couple of joints as well. Lil’ Jon and Scott Storch (as previously mentioned). Gucci Mane is featured on the album. Me and Stacks got two songs on the album together. He (Andre 3000) also produced a track on the album. So you’re getting that whole OutKast energy! I got Jamie Foxx on the album. B.o.B. is on there. I wanted to use my special guest like ingredients, as we do on the OutKast albums. Not to just get somebody to get them. But to get somebody that will add something to the pot. I put together a nice collection, 18 tracks on the deluxe version, 14 on the regular album.”The internet has been buzzing for a while now about the disappearance of OutKast. All types of correspondence echoed on social networks about that need; that yearning for huge records that touched the soul and brought people together. Big Boi also talked about whether or not the fever pitch of his fans affects his daily grind. “It doesn’t affect how I do music, but it feels good to know that people still want to hear the music,” he told “I definitely hear and see everything that’s going on. At the same time, we’re already stuck in the zone once we’re in that studio. We got our own little world going on and everything on the outside is null and void. You just gotta want to do this. Andre 3000 is in the studio right now, laying down bars. It feels good to know that people still want to hear our music.”So there you have it, Big Boi and Andre 3000 are back to the music. As for another OutKast album. Well, we’ll just have to be happy with what’s happening right now.

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