Non Hip-Hop Rumors: Photos of a Glammed-Up Da Brat!!!

We showed you pics already of Da Brat trying her best to stumble along the street in high heels with celebrity stylist, June Ambrose, for her upcoming show, “Styled By June.” Da Brat looked, well, ummm, let’s just say it looked like she had a long way to go before she got to girlie, especially with a thuggy bandana still tied around her daggone head!

Well, DAMM! Ms. Ambrose might be nothing short of a miracle worker!!!! We found the photo below this morning that Da Brat’s longtime pal Jermaine Dupri posted on his site, showing a reveal of her in full makeup and cute hair! Wow. Go Brat!!

We always knew Da Brat was a diamond in the rough! This sorta reminds of that short, short period of time when she dolled up years ago. See the back-in-the-day flicks below. Da Brat is a pretty chick when she wants to be….but we’re still taking over-under bets on how long she’ll stay like that!!!!!!


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