Beyonce Composes Ultimate Fan Letter to First Lady Michelle Obama

While her husband JAY-Z boasts about not ever having to write anything down, BEYONCE does the opposite. Last night, Beyonce posted  a short but sweet, handwritten letter on her site, thanking First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA for simply being – GREAT!!

We wonder if Beyonce thought about this idea while on her Easter family vacation in St. Barth. Well, whenever she did it, Beyonce sent her warm regards – in advance – for Mrs. Obama being one of the best role models that her daughter Blue Ivy will witness growing up. And, she also shouted her out and empathized with her having to deal with the spotlight every moment of her life, but continuing to remain level-headed.

Aww!! How cute! We couldn’t agree with Beyonce any more. Props to First Lady Michelle Obama for truly serving as an inspiration.

Take a look at the heartfelt, self-penned letter from Bey below:

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