Hip-Hop Rumors: Charles Hamilton: “Flamin’ F@ggots” Beat Me Up

Well. Looks like we can chalk up another big loss for Charles Hamilton. He says he was beat down last week by some “flamin’ f@ggots” and admits to being “biblically homophobic.” Peep the unedited story here……

Got jumped by some flamin’ faggots near Webster Hall Thursday night. Mad at me because I’m, quite Biblically, homophobic. Despite the MAGICAL night I had with …Dilla, George and Jack, I still had to scrap it out. First of all, one of these homos was starting a fight with a woman. He spit in her face and flexed at her like he was going to backhand her. So I intervened. You don’t hit a woman. Period. And he SPIT on her. So I walked over and checked him. “Homie, why you spit on her, b?” He was like “That’s my bitch, yo! I can do what I want to her, bro!”

Fuck outta here. Called him pussy and walked off. He calls his peoples from out the restaurant. Another homo who I had to check about 10 minutes before walked up to me like he was they leader, so I swung on him first. He was dundone. Then the other’s grabbed me, punched me, and ironically, kicked the areas in my back which were hurting me for ages. Shit felt crazy good. Oh man. Shit felt sooooo mean. Niggas was really kicking my knots, yo. Anyway, I got up, cracked all them niggas, they ran (yo, I made niggas run?!), and I got walked to the hospital. I miss my nigga Bred (George), Dilla wylded (Mav?) and Jack is Jack (CYANIDE!!!!!, for those long term readers). Cyanide, the beef is very simple. My exhales were your inhales. And that shit BOTHERED me.

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In the meantime, he may want to reconsider his homophobic actions. He cannot back it up. Pause!

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